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Sales Engagement Review is Comprehensive

Tenbound Sales Engagement Overview - VanillaSoft-CoverTitle:  A Guide To Evaluating and Purchasing A Sales Engagement Platform

Published by/Authors:  Tenbound- VanilaSoft

Gated:   Yes

Why it’s Important

“A sales engagement platform is the single most important sales tool a company can implement.  If you have an SEP you will win more deals than your competitors.”

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Length: 38 Pages

Highlights: This is the most comprehensive Sales Engagement report we have seen thus far. It serves as a product review for those new to this type of platform. We especially like the purchasing options questions on page 11-14. And Yes, half of the report features an industry leader, VanillaSoft.

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WP: 4 Keys to Track & Optimize ROI From Events - DemandGen Report by Validar

Validar WPTitle:  4 Keys To Track & Optimize ROI From Events

Subtitle:  Tips & Tricks To Help Marketing, Sales and Marketing Ops Maximize The Impact of In-Person Investments To Increase And Measure ROI

Published by/Authors:  DemandGen Report White Paper sponsored by Validar

Gated: No

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Length:  12 Pages

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Sales Research- Automate or Else - Velocify and AA-ISP

Why It’s Important:

“Those that explore, adapt, and invest in new sales automation technologies using AI will succeed; those that don’t will know failure, less profitability, higher sales expenses and greater representative turn-over.”

James Obermayer - Reviewer

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  Slma-recommended-187Title:  The Evolving Sales Technology Landscape

Subtitle: Riding the Wave to Revenue

Published by/Authors:  Velocify and AA-ISP

Gated: Yes

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If you want to build revenue, hire a marketer - Manage the Sales Lead Process

A marketing quote from the Sales Lead Management Association blog.

Why it’s Important:

“If you want to build wealth and revenue, hire a marketer. Pound for pound they create more revenue than anyone in the company.”

Sales Lead Management Association

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A Lead to Money Approach: Why It's Important from Giles House of Callidus Cloud

Why it’s important

6a0147e05adc32970b01bb09817b37970d-320wi“A Lead to Money approach, improving the entire process rather than patching weak spots as they appear, does more than simply remedy today’s problems.”

Giles House 



IStock_000022132972SmallFor priceless but free membership in the Sales Lead Management Association go here. 

Sales Lead Follow-up: Why It's Important

Why It's Important

"The best salespeople know the value of a sales lead. They follow-up 100% , reap the results, win all the sales contests and make quota. They know the less talented and uninformed salespeople will not follow-up 75%-90% of the leads given to them."

Sales Lead Management Association 

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Sales Lead Follow-Up: Time for Marketing to Stop Begging!

Whyitsimportant-saleleadfollowupThis "Why It's Important" quote orginally appeared in an SLMA Blog entry and SLMA Radio replay with Jerry Troke of MarketNet Solutions.

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