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Funnel Radio Line-up March 28


Today's broadcast day is led by Darryl Praill and his guests, Amir Reiter and Tom Jenkins of CloudTask. Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify is next. Pat welcomes Tracy Eiler to talk about Women In Revenue – What’s it take to attract and retain the top talent. Hugo Perez asks, CAN YOU SEE ME NOW? on WVU Marketing Communications Today with host, Michael Lynch. Mari Anne Vanella welcomes Chris Kontes, Founder Balto Software on Outstanding Outbound. Paul Petersen welcomes Shari Levitin, CEO, Levitin Group on CRM Radio. A show recorded at the Marketo/Adobe Summit with Elisabeth Michaud hosted by Matt Heinz for Sales Pipeline Radio is insightful. Ashley Welch is Jeanne Hopkins' guest on Table Fries. Podcast host wrangler, Matt Desilet and Susan Finch talk about the newest podcast, Agile Operations Podcast launching April 4.

9am INSIDE Inside Sales by VanillaSoft with host, Darryl Praill
Guest: Amir Reiter and Tom Jenkins, CloudTask
How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

9:30am Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify with host, Patrick Morrissey
Guest: Tracy Eiler, Board Member of Women in Revenue / CMO InsideView
Women In Revenue – What’s it take to attract and retain the top talent

10am WVU Marketing Communications Today with host Michael Lynch
Guest: Hugo Perez
CAN YOU SEE ME NOW? — Defining the Unique Attributes that Make Up Your Personal BRAND

10:30 Outstanding Outbound by The Vanella Group with host, Mari Anne Vanella
Guest: Chris Kontes, Founder Balto Software
Coaching reps real-time using AI is REAL

11:00 CRM Radio by Goldmine CRM with host, Paul Petersen
Guest: Shari Levitin, CEO, Levitin Group

11:00 Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing with host, Matt Heinz
Guest: Elisabeth Michaud
Las Vegas - Marketo/Adobe Summit

12pm Asher Sales Sense by Asher Strategies, hosted by John Asher
Guest: Chris Tully
Why Outsourcing Sales Management for Small Companies Increases Sales

12:30pm Table Fries by with host Jeanne Hopkins
Guest: Ashley Welch
If something seems scary, do it!

1pm Agile Operations Podcast by
Lola Podcast Host Wrangler Introduces us to 3 Podcasts
Matt Desilet, VP Marketing

Funnel Radio Line-up Feb 14


Starting at 9 am our broadcast day includes Kevin Mulrane on INSIDE Inside Sales with Darryl Praill. Next Pat Morrissey and Sunny Bliss talk about why so many customer experiences suck. Mark Godley's guest on Data Dump, Rob Kornblum explains why good employees are what create tech culture. Paul Petersen welcomes Amy Guarino to expand on the topic of explainable AI. That takes us to 11:30 Pac with Matt Heinz and Anthony Iarrino -  Outbound Lives: Take Control of your Pipeline and Beat Your Competitors to Market. Cyndi Greenglass talks with Johannes Waldstein on the topic of Moneyball for Brands Meet eSports – You Have Met Your Match. 12:30 has Jim on with Jim Ninivaggi, Brainshark  Is There an ROI for Sale Enablement? Susan Finch welcomes back Amy Franko at 1pm to talk about the How and Why, or should it be Why then How? 

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Funnel Radio Line-up Jan 31


Today's shows have tips, industry reveals, humor and actionable items you can do starting today! Don't miss Guy Weistmantel with Patrick Morrissey on Predictable Revenue Radio. Susan Finch hosts her friend, voice/dialect coach, Susan E. Finch talking about how your voice can KILL a sale just after hello and what you can do to change it. Jay Baer and Paul Petersen are next on CRM Radio. Matt Heinz welcomes David Nilssen CEO of Guidant Financial. Finally ready to get to video marketing? John Carter and John Asher go over the 5 things you MUST do before you start. Finally, Bryan Bennett joins host, David Lynch on WVUMCToday to talk about The Professional Leadership Difference.

Remember all of our shows can be heard on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, Bluburry and Spotify

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Why are sales professionals afraid of the phone?


The trend toward "Where's Waldo?" websites that hide company contact information has spilled over into email signatures. Let's take a poll: Who still uses email? Ahhhh, many hands go up. It's not going anywhere. Although more professionals, especially younger ones, skip the entire phone number element altogether, "Best, Cameron" isn't enough and that's not a signature.

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Getting Started as a Podcaster

Podcasts continue to be a hot digital vehicle to reach at-work and away from work listeners. As webinars have waned in usefulness, radio podcasts have surged as the digital media with long tails to build thought leadership, a personal brand and a network that knows of you and your company. It is a friendly, entertaining, non-threatening, fountain of information. 

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