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Complexity Isn't your Friend in the CRM World

20190822-tweet-gentileThe CRM industry keeps getting flooded by new (and not so new in features) CRM Systems because the dissatisfaction level of current CRM users is very high.  It’s said that 40% of the sales reps on a CRM system don’t comply with the company CRM standards or policies.  83% of senior executives complain that their people aren’t properly using the CRM system.  The reason for the high CRM replacement market is that users of a CRM system stop using it. And yet 50% of the new – replacement CRM Systems fail.   Our host Stacy Gentile of GoldMine CRM talks about the reasons companies switch to a different CRM system, and tips on how to do it.  He discusses:

  • Why the future of CRM is in usability
  • The software vendors are full of trickery, they offer features not asked for or needed by the great majority of users
  • Replacements are triggered by non-users and frustrated management
  • Complexity isn’t your friend in the CRM world
  • Simple and basic is in vogue 
  • Why cleaning up a current CRM installation may be better than starting with a new ap
  • CRM systems are often weaponized against the sales rep
  • When management doesn’t plan for the future CRM systems fail

"If your business process is a mess and you add technology to it, the only thing you're going to have is a mess at high speed."

Stacy Gentile


CRM Radio is hosted by Paul Petersen and Stacy Gentile on the Funnel Radio Channel.  The sponsor is GoldMine CRM.

How Sales Reps Can Use CRM for Fun and Profit (Ok, maybe that's pushing it)

OK, Maybe using CRM for Fun is an overstatement, but it can be used by astute sales reps to make quota, if they use the tool to their advantage.  Listen to GoldMine's Paul Petersen discuss CRM and the Three Builds concept.

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What do you say to a naked lead? Paul Petersen from Goldmine

Paul Petersen PPetersenGot your attention? That’s the power of a good opening question.

Conventional wisdom says you have 30 seconds to get your point across – how you’ve helped others, your longevity, etc.  Otherwise you’ll experience the death of a lead through interrogation: “How much are you looking to buy?  When?  Are YOU the decision maker?”

If you’re a lucky salesperson getting leads from your marketing team, then it’s important to nurture those leads to make the transition from general interest to engagement.  Whether I get a phone call or am making a phone call out to a lead I’ve been given, I do the following:

First, I get my name and brand out there, and remind the prospect that I’m following up on their inquiry (obviously not for a phone in).

Second, listen – prospects will often jump right into what they care about and you have to listen, and listen carefully – not for an opportunity to take over, but to see if what they say helps you assess their need and qualify the lead.

If they are slow to start (or after they’ve spoken), I’ll ask “What prompted your interest?”  This gets them talking about why they’re considering solutions like yours.  “Was it a problem you’re addressing, a new initiative, etc.?”  With one open question you get them talking

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Troublesome Marketing Myths and ROI: Listen While You Work on SLMA Radio

Marketing is often presented with a dizzying array of metrics,  many of which Paul Petersen of Goldmine Softtware says are useless. In this SLMA Program, Paul, GM and Vice President of GoldMine discusses how some of the most common metrics may not be what you think and in fact may be marketing myths. 


This program discusses:
  • Seven Marketing ROI myths which Paul has found in talking with Goldmine users. 
  • Personal Success Story: The three things that Paul has practiced to help him achieve success. 
250-SLMARADIO-petersen-20160428 (1)

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Best CRM: Some Finer Points

IStock_000020468314SmallInteresting conversation on "best CRM"

I agree that management must identify some key objectives – focus on real issues... one of my current prospects is considering spending upwards of $100k a year – and from what we can tell it won’t help sales people get more leads (marketing) or be more efficient (right tools) – it is to streamline the process of discount approvals – so, they want to spend more money to make it easier to give away money? After I had a little rain on their parade, I don’t think I changed any hearts but I got the owner and cfo attention – they are now rethinking. Ultimately, we may not be the right solution, but they really need to think about what they are spending money on.

The one thing that is missed is “what will make sales people want to use it” – there is data entry –

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