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Jim Ninivaggi Defines Sales Enablement in a 5 Minute Podcast on Sales Pipeline Radio

Join us for this episode which is a five minute definition of Sales Enablement from  Jim Ninivaggi, Chief Readiness Officer at Brainshark, Inc.  In this extract from the original program, Sales Enablement’s Evolution from a Front Row Seat with Jim Ninivaggi  Jim defines sales enablement in simple direct terms that can be applied at every B2B company.  Brainshark is one of the preeminent companies in the field of sales enablement.

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Customer Revenue Optimization Research 2019 from Altify

CROBenchmark2019-225x300 Slma-recommended-187Title:   Customer Revenue Optimization

Subtitle:  Benchmark Study 2019    Unlock Revenue Gowth by Providing A Better Customer Experience

Published by/Authors:  Altify

Gated: Yes

Download Link 

Length:  26 Pages


The report gives the reader a window into the thinking and priorities of businesses and executives for 2019 with an emphasis on marketing and sales leadership and execution. 

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Salary Marketing Communications Manager 2019

CRM ConfusionSalary Marketing Communications Manager 2019

This is another one of those salary levels that I think is way underpaid.   Marketing Communications Managers create wealth for their employers that far outstrips almost anyone in the organization.  If there isn't a marketing communications department and manager  most lead generation activities will be run by presidents, CFOs and gasp, the sales manager.    These people will make uninformed decisions about lead gen and sales will greatly suffer. 


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You can't take credit for what you refuse to measure!

All know the way; few actually walk it. ~Bodhidharma

Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk who lived during the 5th/6th century CE. 250px-BodhidharmaYoshitoshi1887 (1)  His famous words echo today for marketing.    This blog entry has been one of the best read of our 1205 blog entries and 145,641 views.  We have repeated it three times in eleven years.  It is also one of the shortest we have published. 

Of course, this applies to Buddhism and the long sought after burst of enlightenment, but it also applies to many everyday life goals.  

Everyone knows the way to prove the ROI for lead generation programs, right?  So if this is true, and everyone knows the way, why do so few take the walk?    

There has always been a dose of fear or anxiety over reporting results that might be mixed, and fright that if a lead gen program doesn’t do well, the whole department will be held dreadfully accountable.

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