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Steve Benson of Badger Maps Addresses the Most Serious Failure of Sales Management on SLMA Radio

Steve Benson, CEO of Badger Maps shares his opinion about the most serious failure of sales management and what can be done to fix it.  The enormity of the situation is a threat of strategic damage, both near term and in future, for a company

Benson discusses:

  • How the worst failure of management affects salespeople and management's perception of them
  • Why the same failure affects how the company responds to changing market conditions
  • Why sales management can be the conduit for marketplace changes that the company must be aware of to survive
  • Why the C-Suite stakeholders need to listen carefully to the sales manager 
  • And why the customer is not well served when the sales manager fails 

Our Guest Steve Benson

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Jeff Smith on The Single Biggest Mistake Every Sales Person Makes: Listen While You Work!


  Jeff Smith

There is one skill that separates winners from losers and Jeff Smith  shares that in this program with host Jim Obermayer.  They cover:

  • Why personal follow-up fails over time
  • Manual follow-up is too complex
  • Why 90% of the leads given to salespeople are neverrrrrr followed-up


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Call for beta users for SLMA Members! Download Spiro to better manage deals and income!

IStock_000038306980LargeSLMA members who have an iPhone and use are invited to join Spiro’s private beta program.

Sales professionals  are always looking for ways – whether those are organization methods or technology solutions – to better manage leads and be more successful in their careers. One tool that I’ve recently come across that helps sales reps do just that is Spiro – the personal sales assistant for quota-carrying salespeople who want to make more money. Spiro is now in beta and looking for salespeople and managers to try this new tool.

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A Report on the State of Marketing Maturity: Users are getting business value but not following best practices!

Slma-recommended-187Spear Marketing,  a B2B demand generation agency, released this month a free report on the state of the use of marketing automation, with some surprising statistics.  These statistics can serve as a guide to companies using the technology or considering purchasing the software.  The ‘State of Marketing Automation Maturity’ report is based on the results of more than 100 (a minimum statistical sampling which makes it reasonably projectable) marketing automation users’ responses to an email marketing and social media request. 

MA Maturity Survey Report Cover ImageThe agency started with a hypothesis that marketing automation is underutilized by B2B companies that have the product.  The respondents were assigned a grade depending on a best practices opinion (by the agency, I assume).  The primary result is that current owners are underutilizing the software, with the implied implication that this under-utilization comes at a high price in lost revenue.   Spear Marketing states that the users are “achieving real business value,” but have much room for improvement.  In many categories, they contend best practices in marketing automation are relatively uncommon.

The report broke out the results into the following categories (answers and pie charts):

  1. Analytics and Reporting – Six questions
  2. Programs – Nine questions
  3. Forms and Landing Pages –Four questions
  4. Lead Scoring – Eight questions
  5. Data – Five questions

Aside from the 32 charts and results based on the five categories, there are “17 Key Results” listed.

I am most interested in the analytics portion, which showed:

  • Do you measure and report on the pipeline contribution?
    • Answer: 77.3% said yes.
    • Do you measure and report on the revenue contribution?
      • Answer:  58.6% said yes. 
      • Have you defined the stages in your company’s sales cycle based on industry standards (MQL, SQL, etc.)?
        • Answer: 69.5 % said yes. 

I recommend that readers of this report who have their own marketing automation system in place create a score card to measure themselves against the results, and then make the needed changes to get the most from their system.  Getting the most to me means increases in revenue, or why else would you do this?  There are many actions to take for users that are not immediately measurable in revenue but taken together everything counts.

For those who do not have a marketing automation system in place, the report can provide a road map of how to get the most from your system as you implement it.

When asked which marketing automation platform the respondents used, they reported:

Get report here.


Note:  Spear Marketing and Act-On are both sponsors of the SLMA.  Eloqua, HubSpot and Marketo have sponsored various programs in the past but are not currently sponsors. 


SLMA Recommendation: The COMPLETE Marketing Technology Landscape Directory in Excel

Over 1,800 Companies in 43 Categories 

Heinz Marketing has partnered with Scott Brinker to produce in Excel a detailed directory of the 2015 Marketing Technology Landscape which you can download here. Scott Brinker annually produces the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic with detailed analysis on the dynamic growth and changes in the space. Now you can have all of the companies in one complete reference directory.



Here’s the link where you can download a copy.  



SLMA Recommended Read

From RAAB Associates:

Marketing automation systems for very small and very large businesses have shown the greatest innovation in the past year, according to research released today by Raab Associates.  The January 2015 B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) added five vendors focused on serving very small companies, which form the industry’s largest pool of potential new users.  But vendors serving enterprise marketers have been most aggressive at extending their systems beyond traditional marketing automation to include display advertising and other new channels.



How Managing Leads for independent sales channels brings big results! SLMARadio Interview with Jim Labelle

Managing sales leads has always gotten its biggest visibility for those organizations that have direct sales forces. But there are advocates that say that managing leads for the independent channel can be just as fruitful and in many cases more so.

In this interview Jim Labelle of LeadTrack software shares why the right software and the right management of leads for the independent channel can be tremendously productive. Labelle says that in many cases the follow-up of the inquires and leads is substantially higher than those given to a direct sales force. Maybe the channel is hungrier, more grateful or more business like. When your organization can rely on a 80-90% followup of leads, selling through the channel is attractive. About Jim LaBelle

Jim Labelle is the President and owner of LEADTRACK Software. After an exciting career in

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