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Sales Manager's Salary?

6a0147e05adc32970b01bb08d75c74970d-320wiThis information is offered on January 2, 2018 as a benefit to our members and subscribers.  The salary ranges will differ dramatically depending on geographical location, type of products sold, inside or outside sales management position, time in grade as a sales manager, etc.   Follow the links for more information.    The links and companies quoted are offered in a random fashion.   This information is offered as a guide. 

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 How much does a Sales Manager make?   Average $73,144 a year base pay.  Does not include commissions and bonus.

Low $45K  High $120K

The national average salary for a Sales Manager is $73,144 in United States. Filter by location to see Sales Manager salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 37,736 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Sales Manager employees.

Salaries for Related Job Titles:

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Need Sales? Two Shortcut Solutions

Delivering qualified leads and appointments is a shortcut to making forecast!

IStock_000004487061SmallWhen sales are lagging, you’re in a slump, your back’s against the wall, and you need to make forecast, the answer is to get appointments for your reps.  Not just any appointments mind you; you need qualified appointments. 

When sales are down in most companies, the manager’s first response is to increase sales activity.  More calls.  Call current clients, call old proposals, call old leads; “jump on the phones” screams the sales manager.

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When the Company President as Sales Manager Fails

IStock_000008575657MediumIf sales are lagging, salespeople are failing, no one is traveling with salespeople (front of customers), maybe it is time the company president relinquishes the reins of presidential sales manager.  There comes a point in the company’s growth when the president needs to focus on presidential things and leave sales management to a professional sales manager.  No, I didn’t say promote the best sales person and make them a manager.

Salespeople need care and attention. Inside salespeople need more care and attention than outside salespeople. Both groups need a daily dose of coaching. If you have a part-time sales manager you'll get part-time results. 

Just because the company president knows how to sell doesn’t mean he or she can be a part-time sales manager and succeed.  This is small company stuff, that all companies have to go through and outgrow.

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A Grandfather Reveals a Mystery to his Grandchildren

Which Reminds Me of Another Mystery About Sales Leads

IStock-174628466My best friend Bob tells a story about having the whole family over to his place one year for Thanksgiving.  Sometime during the day he looked around for his children and noticed that none of them, nor any of his nieces and nephews, was around.  He walked through the house and found the little ones, aged 3 to 10, sitting at his father's feet, looking up at their grandfather.  

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When The Decision is Between Bad Breath and No Breath

When to Fire a Low-Performing Sales Rep

When sales are slowing down, the "ghost-pipeline" starts to build as sales reps stop closing out prospects that in ordinary times would be labeled dead.  At this point the pressure is growing on the sales manager to get rid of non-performing salespeople.  

The sales manager will often draw a line and say “Make the numbers this month or you will be fired.”  Most often senior management will step in and say, “But Bob, we only have six reps.  If you fire two of them we are in real trouble.  We’d rather have a poor-performing rep over no rep.”  Hence the ‘bad breath’ versus ‘no breath’ reference. 

Why it Matters:

"...trying to keep a sales representative who is weak, unproductive and misleading delays your recovery.  It takes 4-6 months for a new rep to be productive; you may as well face reality and pull the trigger and get on with it. Find a producer."

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Unfortunately, this forestalls the inevitable and the rep who limps along costs the company more (by being on staff) than they

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J.Jeffery of Velocify The Unpleasant Reality About Voice Mail, Call and Email Lead Management

IStock-803994860Listen and learn

While you work

Why it’s Important:

”This Velocify research report is the most credible and significant study on what to do about sales lead response failures that I have read. Companies that precisely following this roadmap “without deviation” will significantly increase revenue and achieve their forecast, while simultaneously increasing their marketing ROI. This study points up the value of a sales lead management process.”

James Obermayer

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How research truths will set you free:

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Author David Lewis on Unbreakable Principles of Lead Management

IStock-803994860Listen  and learn

While you Work


Why it Matters

 "You can have the best lead scoring system, the best algorithm, the best predictive system, but if you don't get sales adoption... your efforts are wasted." 

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In this episode, David Lewis  shares the key principles of successful lead management from his book Manufacturing Demand which now has over 10,000 copies in circulation. 
This interview includes:

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