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What Makes Fast Growing Companies Grow

In this interview with Scott Barker, Evangelist and Head of Partnerships at OutReach.IO and Sales Hacker, host Patrick Morrissey dives into what makes fast growing companies grow, without destroying the ship in the process. They cover:

  • Struggles: What are companies struggling with when on a growth trajectory?
  • Messaging: How a company’s messaging has to grow up as the company grows!
  • Alignment: How the alignment of the revenue teams of sales, marketing and operations need to have the same north star; the same APIs.
  • What is true immersion?: Why the best companies today are attempting true immersion and not just alignment
  • Diversity: How diversity and inclusion are “top of mind” in growing successful companies
  • Inclusion: Why diversity and inclusion are the smart thing to do

About Scott Barker 20190711-altify-barker-tweet

As a top performer in sales, business development, marketing and team building at B2B SAAS companies, Scott is passionate about building and strengthening authentic relationships with his team and partners.

Scott is currently living his dream, as the Head of Partnership at Sales Hacker, the company that aims to help the next generation of B2B sales professionals embrace innovative strategies, technology, hacks, and tactics from the world’s leading organizations.

With Sales Hacker’s recent acquisition by, Barker has joined the rocket ship as they continue their mission to make modern revenue teams as efficient as humanly possible!  Scott also heads up the Vancouver chapter of Enterprise Sales Forum and sit on the board of a great non-profit called Interfit.

Insta: @scottybarks
Twitter: @scottbsales 

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