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Need Sales? Two Shortcut Solutions

Delivering qualified leads and appointments is a shortcut to making forecast!

IStock_000004487061SmallWhen sales are lagging, you’re in a slump, your back’s against the wall, and you need to make forecast, the answer is to get appointments for your reps.  Not just any appointments mind you; you need qualified appointments. 

When sales are down in most companies, the manager’s first response is to increase sales activity.  More calls.  Call current clients, call old proposals, call old leads; “jump on the phones” screams the sales manager.

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Beat the odds: Double Qualified Leads from Shows - George Rebhan CEO of LeadValu

How to Double Qualified Leads from Trade Shows

Everyone, yes everyone, knows that trade show leads close faster than any other type of lead (fewer steps in less time).  With the fixed cost of a trade show going in, the challenge is how an average company can get the maximum number of qualified leads.
Why it matters:
Double the number of qualified leads, (which reduces your lead cost in half) and you will increase sales by 100%. Sounds farfetched but not really; our guest George Rebhan of LeadValu tell us how to do it.  

About our Guest  George Rebhan
George is president and co-founder of LeadValu LLC, and an accomplished entrepreneur and product development expert with over 30 years of experience. He’s been part of the founding or executive management team for a number of start-up or early stage companies. George also played a key role in the acquisition planning/strategy and post-acquisition integration for those companies.

About LeadValu

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How to Erase Wrinkles Caused by Salespeople

This simple solution also solves gas, bloat, & high blood pressure while in a salesperson’s presence.

IStock-147272160It’s a proven fact that salespeople can cause premature aging in marketing people.  Wrinkles are just the most visible indication that salespeople are stressing out the marketing department.

Doctors tell me that another symptom of premature aging in marketing people is increased blood pressure (usually within 25 feet of anyone from Sales, including sales management).   Other health issues may be gas and bloating; severe snoring and lack of sleep; heart palpitations and migraine headaches between the eyes.  Stomach ailments are also reported when salespeople fail to make quota and complain to Marketing.

The treatment for these common symptoms is to give every salesperson a qualified sales lead each morning, with or without food.  Avoid giving salespeople qualified leads if they are likely to consume alcohol within four hours.   Alcohol is known to put them to sleep and they will easily forget they received a qualified lead from you.  

Why it's Important

"If all salespeople are given at least one qualified lead a day, within 30 days marketing managements blood pressure will begin to return to normal when they are in the presence of anyone from Sales.   Within 45 days gas and bloat should subside to once or twice a week.   Snoring diminishes and lack of sleep is resolved within 60 days.  Heart palpitations and migraines might take as long as 90 days to subside."

Jim Obermayer

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Cartoon for the Weekend: Is the quarterback the issue or is it unqualified leads and broken lead mgmt?

You have permission from the Sales Lead Management Association and the Cartoonist, Stu Heinecke to copy and distribute this cartoon as is with attribution!

Stu-new-quarterbackQuarterbacks and marketing managers are said to share the same fate: produce fast or get traded.  There are two things we recommend to avoid the probability of a trade:

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Cartoon for the Weekend: Siri is asked for a Sales Lead App.

You have permission from the Sales Lead Management Association and the Cartoonist, Stu Heinecke to copy and distribute this cartoon as is with attribution!

Marketing is always on the hunt for something, maybe a new app, to create sales leads for a hungry salesforce.   But as we usually find out, there isn't one app to solve the problem.  It takes consistency of purpose, a solid plan, constant measurements and more than a CRM system to drive revenue.   It takes a constantly questioning marketing team to seek new qualified prospects from a variety of sources.   Those that believe email campaigns will source all of their qualified leads are usually left wanting.  It takes a combination of tactics to create interest and, solid content management.  


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Sales Lead Validation Study finds 50% of Inquiries are not Leads! Ah, but 50% are!

This is a research study released by Straight North a SEO agency.  This is not a small sample study, nor are the results of minor significance.  

  • 18 Month Study
  • 373,000 inquiries
  • 237,000 phone calls
  • 23,000 not validated
  • Of the 350,000 left:
  • 178,000 were determined to be sales leads

Yes, there are more results and much to muse over.  The value is this allows marketers to predict the future. Open it up and see the results. 

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Are you giving your salespeople naked leads?



 When you ask a salesperson what they need, at first they will say, “I want more leads.”  A few months later, they will correct themselves and say, “You misunderstood, what I meant to say is that I want more qualified leads.”  Unfortunately, it is not as simple as getting a show of hands on those that want more qualified leads.  Everyone does. 

How to find qualified leads for the sales channel is the issue.  In this instance, the salespeople mean leads that are qualified to buy someone’s product.    Salespeople sometimes call the unqualified person who has not answered any questions about intent, naked leads, but they often give up after the first phone call says Gil Cargill:48% give up after the first call).   But there are several ways to get qualified leads. 

Why it’s important?

Qualified sales leads shorten the sales cycle and

increase sales while reducing marketing spending.

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Top 3 Ways to Determine if a Database Provider is Legitimate

By Tim Slevin, President & CEO of Healthcare Data Solutions

20818610_500There are a lot of database companies out there, and most of them are legitimate businesses that want to develop lasting customer relationships by providing quality data and service. But a small percentage of these companies are definitely not reputable, and if you’re not careful, you can lose money on a bad deal.

To help you determine if a database provider is legitimate, I’ve compiled a list of the top 3 things that you should do before signing any contracts or paying any money.

  1. Look up their physical address.
    Chances are a company run out of somebody’s garage isn’t going to have good quality data. Make sure the address on Google is an actual business, and not a residential home on Zillow or a fast food restaurant.
  2. Research them on LinkedIn.
    Every reputable, legitimate company these days either has a page of their own on LinkedIn, or at the very least, their employees have profiles there. I would be very leery of a company – database or otherwise – that didn’t appear there at all.
  3. Set the specs for a sample.
    If you ask a data company to give you a sample of their data, you can bet they’re going to give you the most pristine, clean, perfect records they have available. But you can also bet that these records will not be representative of the actual quality of their data as a whole. Give them a set of criteria that allows for companies that you know to come up in their sample. If those companies are not in the sample, or if the data they have on them is outdated, that’s a red flag.

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How Your Thinking Affects Productivity


Something I’ll talk about this week is how our thinking affects our output.  We work on a variety of programs, they are all the same in structure, and have to meet a strict guideline for me to take them on. You’ll find your production on them will be very consistent when you think the same thing about each program.  We have a lot of new ones coming on, this week alone I have had 4 new companies call us!   One was a Director we worked with a few years back, she is at a new company and we were the first firm she thought of to bring in.

How you think of your calls will translate into how you communicate to prospects. That is a universal truth for all things, if you believe something will happen it probably will, i.e., the self fulfilling prophecy.

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