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Funnel Radio Line-up Feb 7


Expanding our day with the first episode of Road Warrior Radio at the end of the broadcast day 1pm Pacific. Darryl Praill welcome Dan Wardle of Vidyard talking about how video killed the radio star. Crack the code of sales enablement with Patrick Morrissey and Jim Lundy on Predictable Revenue Radio. Rhoan Morgan welcomes David Priemer discussing where the inside sales team live in your organization on Revenue Rebels. CRM Radio is a visit between host Paul Petersen and Jill Konrath. Alex Shootman talks about hitting your numbers the right way as he joins Matt Heinz on Sales Pipeline Radio. Chris Tully is on with John Asher: Get Breakthrough Sales Growth with an Injection of Outside Perspectives. And a big treat on Funnel Radio - Dan McDade joins Jim Obermayer discussing the Prospect Experience. It isn't marketing automation or CRM.

Listen live starting at 9am Pacific >

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Funnel Radio Line-up Jan 31


Today's shows have tips, industry reveals, humor and actionable items you can do starting today! Don't miss Guy Weistmantel with Patrick Morrissey on Predictable Revenue Radio. Susan Finch hosts her friend, voice/dialect coach, Susan E. Finch talking about how your voice can KILL a sale just after hello and what you can do to change it. Jay Baer and Paul Petersen are next on CRM Radio. Matt Heinz welcomes David Nilssen CEO of Guidant Financial. Finally ready to get to video marketing? John Carter and John Asher go over the 5 things you MUST do before you start. Finally, Bryan Bennett joins host, David Lynch on WVUMCToday to talk about The Professional Leadership Difference.

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Funnel Radio Line-up January 3


Great start to our broadcast year. Patrick Morrissey has a full studio with his guests, Alix Douglas, Kevin Murry and Helen Joo as they reveal the secrets to partnering with Salesforce. Rhoan Morgan welcomes and SLMA favorite, Maria Pergolino challenging you do to one thing this year to add to your success: Don't Follow Trends, Set Them. Brian Fanzo joins Paul Peterson, Translating Geekspeak while Simplifying the Complex at 11 am. Matt's guest on Sales Pipeline Radio is Scott Ingram with Lessons From the Sales 1%: How They Do It (and How You Can Too). John Asher welcomes Ramzy Ayachi.EQ plus NLP Equals More Sales. The live broadcast ends with West Virginia University's Marketing Communications Today with host,  Nathan Pieratt. His guest is Joseph Jaffe on the topic of Marketing in an Age of Disruption. If you miss the live broadcast you can catch replays at the links below.

All show times are Pacific.

20190103-altify-douglas-murray-joo-tweet9:00  Predictable Revenue Radio by Altify with host, Patrick Morrissey

Secrets to Partnering with Salesforce
Alexandra Douglas, Partner Account Director, Salesforce
Kevin Murray, Director of Alliances, Traction on Demand
Helen Joo, VP Allilances, Altify

20190103-tweet-rr-morgan-pergolino10:30  Revenue Rebels by DemandLab with host, Rhoan Morgan @demandlab

Don't Follow Trends, Set Them
Guest: Maria Pergolino @inboundmarketer

20180913-tweet-crm-fanzo11:00 CRM Radio by GoldMine CRM with host, Paul Petersen @goldminecrm

Translating Geekspeak while Simplifying the Complex
Brian Fanzo @iSocialfanz

Tweets-instream-images-800x600-Ingram11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio by @HeinzMarketing with host, Matt Heinz

Lessons From the Sales 1%: How They Do It (and How You Can Too)
Scott Ingram @ScottIngram

20190103-asher-john-ayachi12:00 Asher Sales Sense by Asher Sales Strategies with host, John Asher @ASHERSTRATEGIES

EQ plus NLP Equals More Sales
Guest: Ramzy Ayachi, Director of Training, Peak Performance Associates

Podcast-jaffe112:30 West Virginia University Marketing Communications Today with host, Nathan Pieratt @wvutoday

Marketing in an Age of Disruption
Joseph Jaffe @evol8tion

How Sales Enablement Works for 2,000 Salespeople

Sales enablement is important to sales success in the best of times, but in an M&A scenario, strong sales enablement is a critical success factor. This  episode of Predictable Revenue Radio features an interview with Mat Singer, Sr. Director of Sales Enablement at CenturyLink. Mat takes gives an inside view of what’s required to drive sales execution in a global M&A scenario and shares his tips for success.  Visit Predictable Revenue Radio here.

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