Just for Salespeople for Monday Morning

Sales consultants and trainers always seem to be pushing the latest "secrets" for improving sales.  Not surprisingly these "new found methods" are said to rescue any company from sales failures with a moderate investment (fill in the blank check).   But author David Cook says it is easier than others imply and much faster.   

Yes, we see hundreds of books on the Funnel Radio Channel programs,  but something about this practical, tactical advice rings true for the average salesperson trying to be not-so-average.  Great work from David Cook.

In his book, How To Be A GREAT Salesperson…by Monday Morning!   Cook reveals important sales techniques, including where to insert urgency, when to use a third-party close, and how to shorten the sales cycle.  In this interview he discusses his motivational principles that will help you approach customers with a new level of confidence and enthusiasm.  Yes, this is primarily for the salesperson, but sales managers have a lot to learn also by reading this book.  The host is Jim Obermayer.

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In an engaging and thought-provoking interview, Cook discusses:

  • The three crucial elements to any successful sale
  • Laugh your way to the bank: Why making your customers laugh is a powerful strategy
  • Start closing when you say hello: Why coughing during your sale can make a difference
  • What makes an leading salesperson? The  traits that make you stand out
  • The simple phrase that works every time “Forgive my persistence, please:”
  • Ask for help, NEVER ask a customer to do you a favor!
  • David’s top closing strategies can be used on buyers  in any industry

About David Cook and Sales Training on The Go

Award-winning author Dave Cook, CEO and founder of Sales Training On-the-Go, is one of the most in-demand experts on sales training, coaching, and motivation around the world. Cook is the #1 rated producer at Business and Legal Resources (BLR), with awards including: CEO / President's Club Award for Outstanding Sales Achievement for all eleven years of his employment and the Joe Berneski Leadership Award for Outstanding Leadership Skills

With unequaled expertise, Cook’s training will help anyone to rise to the top of their field and achieve their greatest professional goals, faster than they ever thought possible.

Learn more about Dave Cook at  http://www.salestrainingonthego.com and connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter, and Facebook.


Funnel Radio Line Up September 5


All showtimes are Pacific time zone.

9 am - INSIDE Inside Sales by VanillaSoft hosted by Darryl Praill

Guest: David Dulaney, Tenbound
Check Your Alignment

9:30 am - Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify hosted by Patrick Morrissey

Guest: Bronwyn Saglimbeni
Secrets to Creating a Great Presentation

10 am - WVU Marketing Communications Today by West Virginia University hosted by Michael Lynch

Bonnie Harris, Wax Marketing, Inc.
Using Personas for Integrated Marketing Communications

Listen Live >

10:30 am - Revenue Rebels by DemandLab hosted by Rhoan Morgan

Lauren Weiner, IHS Markit
Why Successful Acquisitions Need Marketing at the Forefront

Listen Live here >

11 am - CRM Radio by Goldmine CRM hosted by Paul Petersen

11:30 am - Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing hosted by Matt Heinz

Daniil Krets
Life of an ADR: The Highs, the Lows, Challenges and Career Paths
Listen Live >

12 pm - Asher Sales Sense by Asher Strategies hosted featuring John Asher

Using Cognitive Biases to Positively Influence Sales Prospects.

12:30 pm - SLMA Radio by Funnel Media Group hosted by Dan McDade

Guest: Karen Hayward
Three Tactic Areas Winners Use

1 pm - Road Warrior Radio by Lola.com hosted by Ryan Ball

Troy Bailey, Bailey Brand Management
“Jerry Maguire” moments


The Best of Justin Gray on the SLMA Radio Plus Podcast

600x600-SLMARADIO-20171109-justin-grayLearn from Justin Gray.  Justin Gray is a serial entrepreneur who has launched four multi-million- dollar companies, become a recognized speaker and has been published over 350 times throughout his career.  He has also been a frequent guest on the weekly SLMA Radio/Podcast (515 episodes, in ten years).  You can access all of his programs here or individually below.    The Best of Justin Gray on SLMA Radio

Recipe for Growth: How LeadMD Grew 133% Year Over Year   

Program host, Jim Obermayer, read a recent press release from LeadMD and what caught his eye was the 133% growth figure for their year over year sales so far in 2019.   “Why” is the question Obermayer asked the company.  The answer prompted the interview for this program with Justin Gray the CEO of LeadMD.  His response is both interesting and predictable for a company that counts several thousand companies as its clients.

5 Most Important Things Justin Gray of LeadMD has Learned in Business and Life   

Serial entrepreneurs seem to learn more than most of us in business. Maybe it’s quickness of the lessons learned, the successes and the failures and mistakes that come in fast succession. Justin Gray of LeadMD is a serial entrepreneur and our guest to discuss what he means by sweating the small stuff (not what you think), partners, why success in business shouldn’t get easier, where fun enters into the equation and an interesting take on people. 

Why Only 13% of Marketing Automation Programs are Successful 

 It's one thing to buy a marketing automation tool and install it. It’s quite another thing to use it every day to manage and nurture, your most precious asset: sales leads. And yet some would say that this leading-edge technology could be aptly named bleeding edge because of the effort it extracts from the users to make it work. In the interview with Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD we discuss how to avoid being part of the 87% of marketing automation users who fail.

 Marketing Automation: Quick Wins in 30 Days   

Marketing Automation has promise, no doubt about it, but how do you turn promise into measurable wins that can be shown to management and sales? In this week’s SLMA Radio program, Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD gives us a roadmap to get quick wins in 30 days for new marketing automation installations. The host for this program is Jim Obermayer.

 August 18 Show: Justin Gray, CEO LeadMD  

Justin Gray is the CEO & Chief Marketing Evangelist of LeadMD. He founded the company in 2009 with the vision of transforming traditional “grassroots” marketing efforts through the use of cloud based marketing solutions. Realizing the potential for growth in this space, Mr. Gray created a true Marketing-as-a-Service corporation, which specializes in outsourcing the core functions of a marketing department either through on-demand solutions, consulting or both.  

About Justin Gray

Justin is the CEO and founder of LeadMD, a role he’s held for the past ten years. He also co-founded PaidSuite, a SaaS payment technology provider, and led the company through a successful acquisition in 2017. He is the co-founder of Greyson Organics, an organic farm in rural Missouri he co-owns and operates with his father, as well. Justin and his wife, Jennifer, met over marketing in 2013, welcomed their first child, Grayson, in 2018 and are expecting a daughter in November 2019. 

Justin Gray on SLMA Radio

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Complexity Isn't your Friend in the CRM World

20190822-tweet-gentileThe CRM industry keeps getting flooded by new (and not so new in features) CRM Systems because the dissatisfaction level of current CRM users is very high.  It’s said that 40% of the sales reps on a CRM system don’t comply with the company CRM standards or policies.  83% of senior executives complain that their people aren’t properly using the CRM system.  The reason for the high CRM replacement market is that users of a CRM system stop using it. And yet 50% of the new – replacement CRM Systems fail.   Our host Stacy Gentile of GoldMine CRM talks about the reasons companies switch to a different CRM system, and tips on how to do it.  He discusses:

  • Why the future of CRM is in usability
  • The software vendors are full of trickery, they offer features not asked for or needed by the great majority of users
  • Replacements are triggered by non-users and frustrated management
  • Complexity isn’t your friend in the CRM world
  • Simple and basic is in vogue 
  • Why cleaning up a current CRM installation may be better than starting with a new ap
  • CRM systems are often weaponized against the sales rep
  • When management doesn’t plan for the future CRM systems fail

"If your business process is a mess and you add technology to it, the only thing you're going to have is a mess at high speed."

Stacy Gentile


CRM Radio is hosted by Paul Petersen and Stacy Gentile on the Funnel Radio Channel.  The sponsor is GoldMine CRM.

Funnel Radio Line Up August 29


9 am INSIDE Inside Sales by VanillaSoft hosted by Darryl Praill

Guest: Chris Beal, CEO, ConnectAndSell
5 Most Important Words in a Cold Call

9:30 am Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify hosted by Patrick Morrissey

Guest: Melissa Church, Executive Director, UnitedHealth Group
Building the next generation of Women in Revenue Leadership

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10 am WVU Marketing Communications Today by West Virginia University hosted by Michael Lynch

Guest: Hugo Perez
CAN YOU SEE ME NOW? — Defining the Unique Attributes that Make Up Your Personal BRAND

10:30 am SLMA Radio by Funnel Media Group hosted by James Obermayer

Guests: Justin Gray and Bob Blount
Recipe for Growth: How LeadMD Grew 133% Year Over Year

Listen live >

11 am CRM Radio by GoldMine CRM hosted by Paul Petersen

Guest: Anthony Iannarino
The Six-Word Question Every Salesperson Needs to Use

11:30 am Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing hosted by Matt Heinz

Guest: Dan Fantasia
Secrets to Successful Sales Recruiting – Best Practices, Pitfalls and More
Listen live >

12 pm Asher Sales Sense by Asher Strategies featuring John Asher

Guest: Shawn Doyle
The Goal Setting Action That Increases Results by 4-10X

12:30 pm Rooted in Revenue by Susan Finch Solutions hosted by Susan Finch

Guest: Richard Moore, Architect, Product Designer - Walrus Toys & I Love Handles
The Ideas and the Funding are the Easy Part.

1 pm Road Warrior Radio by Lola.com hosted by Ryan Ball

Guest: Troy Bailey, Bailey Brand Management

Listen live >

Funnel Radio Podcasts Line Up Aug 22


Listen live starting at 9 am Pacific. If you are finding this after our live streaming time, you can catch any of our shows below and catch up on episodes you've missed! So many entertaining, informative experts.

9 am INSIDE Inside Sales by VanillaSoft hosted by Darryl Praill

Guest: Steve Knapp
Home of the WOPPA

9:30 am Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify hosted by Partick Morrissey

Guest: Doug Landis, Growth Partner, Emergency Capital
Making the jump from sales enablement to revenue acceleration

10 am WVU Marketing Communications Today by West Virginia University hosted by Matthew Cummings

Guest: Joe Barnes
You Can Be Fined By the FTC

10:30 am Outstanding Outbound by The Vanella Group hosted by Mari Anne Vanella

Listen live at 10:30 am >

11 am CRM Radio by GoldMine CRM hosted by Stacy Gentile

Switching your CRM – Why Switch and How to Switch

Listen live at 11 am > if you get there early, catch up on past episodes.

11:30 am Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing hosted by Matt Heinz

How Conversational Intelligence Can Increase Your Sales
Listen live at 11:30 am Pacific >

12 pm Lead Genius Radio by LeadGenius hosted by Prayag Narula

Guest: Jeff Serlin, VP of Sales & Support Operations at Intercom
Evolve or Die: Sales Tactics and Tips to Thrive - Listen live at 12 >

12:30 pm Table Fries by Lola.com hosted by Jeanne Hopkins

Guest: Alyssa Garty - the Bug Woman
Being Vocal About Your Passions

1 pm Agile Operations Podcast by Lola.com hosted by Mike Volpe

Guest: Dusty Davidson
What it Means to be Data-Informed and not Data-Driven - Dusty Davidson: Flywheel

Social Media Ethics, And Yes, You Can be Fined by the FTC

Podcast-showcard-barnes Joe Barnes walks into businesses, for profits and non-profits, and asks: “What’s your social media policy?” The usual response is, We don’t have one, or “Go talk to marketing about that.”   And that's what drove the creation of his new book, “Social Media Ethics Made Easy: How to Comply with FTC Disclosure Requirements.” 

In his travels he realized that nearly every business and organization he walked into, no matter what size, did not have a written social media policy, nor did they clearly understand or even know what the Federal Trade Commission requires in the way of disclosure. That’s why he wrote his book: “Social Media Ethics Made Easy: How to Comply with FTC Disclosure Requirements.” The book is available from Business Expert Press or on AmazonDigtal3000.net

Our host today is Matthew Cummings.

About Joe Barnes 

Joe Barnes is a highly sought-after digital media marketing strategist, conference speaker and trainer. He consults on major media, social/digital media, strategic communications, public relations, and marketing initiatives. His clients have ranged from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and leading government agencies. Joe understands and leverages consumer insights to provide solutions and ideas that bridge TV, web, mobile, social media, email, search, advertising, etc., and maximize consumer engagement.

He answers key questions such as how brands are communicated and experienced through digital interactions, and how digital interactions fit into broader customer experiences. Joe is known for his passion for innovation and the customer experience, combined with a sound understanding of consumers, social networks, and brands. As a journalist/storyteller he has led teams that have won countless Emmy® Awards and the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for Outstanding Journalism. He’s an educator at Seattle University; has an MA Degree; is quoted in two books; is on several boards; and is a certified Leadership Trainer.

Contact Joe Barnes about speaking to your group: joe@digital3000.net

Social Media Ethics Made Easy: How to Comply with FTC Guidelines

Kindle Edition

 See all 2 formats and editions

You Still Have Time to Turn Around Failing Sales to Make Quota

This ebook is the most popular on the Sales Lead Management Assn., and Funnel Media Group sites.  

‘How to Turn Around Failing Sales’ - Ebook

56reasons-coverAuthor and publisher James Obermayer discusses 56 reasons companies fail  to reach sales forecasts and what to do about them.

The Funnel Media Group (FMG) has released an ebook entitled How to Turn Around Failing Sales: Fifty-six reasons companies fail to reach revenue forecasts and what to do about them. 

The author, Funnel Media Group Publisher James W. Obermayer, draws on 20 years of experience as the principal of Sales Leakage Consulting, which is owned by FMG. 

He is also the producer for the Funnel Radio Channel programming and founder of the Sales Lead Management Association, all of which are part of FMG.   The ebook, released through the Sales Lead Management Association ( a FMG company) is free, not gated and can be accessed here.

Why it’s Important:

 "Of course, there are many reasons why sales dump at mid-year.  But I have found these 56 to be the main causes of sales failure. Some have are easy fixes, some are things to avoid, some are long-term fixes, some cost money, and some simply require policy or rule changes and common sense. Most can have immediate impact."

James  W. Obermayer

This ebook is unique.  It not only lists 56 ways to turn around failing sales, but also grades each tactic with ascending dollars signs from one to five to indicate the ROI that can be expected by addressing the issue.   Offered as a PDF form, the ebook allows the reader can fill in spaces to assign a specific problem area to a named individual, with a place to enter the date by which the reader wants the issue fixed.

How to Turn Around Failing  Sales, also references books and white papers that can assist the reader.  Those referenced did not pay to be a part of the work. 

The work is divided into five sections:

  1. Sales and Management Problems
  2. Marketing Management Fixes
  3. C-Level Management Challenges
  4. Incentive Compensation and Quota Failures
  5. Hiring the Right People: Training and Testing

White Paper Title: How to Turn Around Falling Sales

Subhead:  56 Reasons companies fail to reach revenue forecasts and what to do about them.

Length: 25 pages including photos and illustrations.

Links to other information: Nine

Summary:  This is a list of reasons why sales fail to make forecast from the experience of the author.  It is a fast, easy read that strikes at the heart of sales issues faced by most B2B companies at one time or another in their sales year. 

Readership Profile:

  • CEOs
  • Presidents
  • CFOs
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Management

ebook Link

About the Author: James Obermayer is the president and publisher of the Funnel Media Group.   He is a four-time B2B book author and founder of the Sales Lead Management Association.

About the Funnel Media Group:  The Funnel Media Group (FMG) owns the Funnel Radio Channel, Sales Lead Management Association and Sales Leakage Consulting.   The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), founded in 2007, has 6,900 worldwide members.  The Funnel Radio Channel  (FRC) publishes live streaming internet radio programs (and follow-on podcasts) for at-work listeners.  


How to Use the ABM Data You Paid to Gather

In a world where insight about prospects and customers is key to optimizing revenue, putting your data to work as part of your ABM strategy is critical to success. We’re welcoming back a return guest Nipul Chokski to discuss how to utilize data as part of your marketing strategy, and how to build a plan for success.  The host is Pat Morrissey.

Nipul Chokshi,  VP, Marketing Lattice

Nipul Chokshi runs marketing at Lattice and is responsible for product positioning and sales enablement. 

Prior to Lattice, Nipul built and ran the solutions marketing and sales enablement functions at Yammer (acquired by Microsoft in 2012). Before Yammer, he led product management/marketing at Marketo and Merced Systems (acquired by NICE Systems). Nipul lives in San Francisco, enjoys great wine and food, and is an avid runner.

He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business.


Revenue Optimization Radio is hosted by Patrick Morrissey, CMO of Altify.  The sponsor for Revenue Optimization Radio is Altify and is broadcast on the Funnel Radio Channel.

Nothing will spoil a manager’s life like too much truth!

IStock-639045058Actually, Will Rogers said, "Nothing will spoil a big man’s life like too much truth."  Big or small, man or woman, the truth can cause all kinds of issues, especially when it comes to sales lead management.   When the truth about sales lead management policies and procedures are revealed for most companies, it is painful. 

"Just because sales lead management is common sense doesn’t mean it’s common practice."

James Obermayer, author of  "Managing Sales Leads"

To be fair, it’s only right to say that many people don’t know what the truth is when we speak of sales lead management.  I don’t think there is such a thing as too much truth in sales lead management, so I guess it’s time we talked about it. 

I believe there are 14 truths in B2B sales lead management (no doubt more, but I stopped at 14,  you can add some):

  1. Prospects lie. Do not assume they are telling you the truth about anything but “I have issued a Purchase Order in your name.”   Only then, with these words, can you believe that what they are saying.
  2. There is a difference between an inquiry and a lead. Leads are qualified inquiries.  I don't care if Sales Force calls all prospects leads.  They are wrong. 
  3. 45% of all inquiries turn into a sale for someone within one year.  This is known as the Rule of 45 from the book “Managing Sales Leads.”
  4. The time-frame for conversion may be shorter or longer than a year, but the conversion rate stays constant.
  5. Companies that follow-up 100% of their sales leads sell more than those who don’t.
  6. Companies that prove the ROI, or lack of it, for its sales inquiries will spend money on promotions that work and let their competitors spend money on everything else.
  7. A marketing manager who cannot prove the ROI for the lead generating dollars they spend are threatened with extinction.  See item #13.
  8. Marketing management says it isn’t their job to report on the sales lead dispositions.   They’re wrong. When they say this it is a cop-out and an excuse.
  9. Having a CRM system and/or a Marketing Automation system is no guarantee that a company is managing its sales leads.   People manage leads with the tools given to them, software and AI are tools.  
  10. A marketing automation system with follow-up and content delivery can increase sales from inquiries between 300-400%.  Ok, maybe now that Marketing Automation is more common, it is only a 200% increase.
  11. Any follow-up by sales and marketing people increases the sales results.  The greater the follow-up, the greater the sales return.
  12. The vast majority of all inquiries are never followed-up by a salesperson.
  13. Sales managers who won’t hold their salespeople 100% accountable for the sales inquiries and leads given to them will join the marketing managers on the threatened species list.   See item #7.
  14. Inside salespeople have a higher sales lead follow-up rate than “outside” salespeople.  This occurs mainly because of programs such as VanillaSoft which is a sales engagement program.   It forces engagement. 

These are the truths as I see ‘em.  People have said to me that these are just plain common sense I guess they’re right. 

It’s said the truth will set you free; in this case it may prompt you to write a sales lead management procedure document to match the sales procedures policy. document. 

P.S.   Whilst we're on the subject of truth, get a copy of Dan McDade's book, "The Truth About Leads" Published by Onsei and available from Amazon.