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Marketers are the (Re)Builders of Wealth

IStock-534889237Yeah, yeah these are difficult times, but marketers are always faced with difficult times.  It is every marketers job to over-come difficult times, be it market crashes, governments that stop buying, recessions, product failures, competitors, international meltdowns, hurricanes, tornadoes. earthquakes or COVID-19.    As marketers we've been there and done that and always found a way to recover because that's what we do.   That's why we were hired, we perform in the most difficult of times. 

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How to Treat Gas, Bloat, Wrinkles and high Blood Pressure Caused by Salespeople

  IStock-1015296318Note: This is one of our most popular posts and brought back for your amusement. To see the how much the woman in the photo has changed since the first post, click here

It’s a proven fact that salespeople can cause premature aging in marketing people.  Wrinkles are the most visible indication that salespeople are stressing out the marketing department.

Doctors tell me that another symptom of premature aging in marketing people is increased blood pressure (usually within 25 feet of anyone from Sales, including sales management).   Other health issues may be gas and bloating; severe snoring and lack of sleep; heart palpitations and migraine headaches between the eyes.  Stomach ailments are also reported when salespeople fail to make quota and complain to Marketing.

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Marketers are the Real Creators of Wealth in B2B Companies

Without the Marketer, Most B2B Companies Would be Regional Door Knockers

"Nothing happens until the sale is made," is most often quoted as a lead-in to praising salespeople. And the speaker is almost right, but we know that deep in our B2B marketing hearts, it all starts sooner than that.

Stu-tell-young-peopleWhy it's Important

"In B2B, nothing happens until the marketer creates demand. Without the marketer most B2B companies would be regional door knockers; they would not be able to go beyond the reach of their salespeople. Marketing in B2B companies creates Wealth. Real wealth. Hardcore, measurable, bottom line profitable dollars that drives the growth of our 11,000,000 plus businesses in the US."

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How to Identify High-Value Prospects - eBook from Pointclear

Slma-recommended-187TMcDade Ebookitle:  PREDICTIVE B2B MARKET TARGETING

Subtitle:  How to identify Your High-Value Prospects-Before You Run a Program

Published by/Authors:  Dan McDade CEO of PointClear

Gated: Yes – a small gate

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DemandLab’s Rhoan Morgan Launches Revenue Rebels Radio Podcast

Revenue Rebels spotlights rule-breaking marketing and sales leaders who are accelerating business growth with a fanatically customer-centric approach.

August 14, 2018 - - Lynden, WA - - The longest-running weekly internet radio/podcast program for at-work and mobile listeners, Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) Radio on the Funnel Radio Channel, announced that Rhoan Morgan, CEO of DemandLab, is joining the digital streaming program. Morgan, a frequent contributor on the Funnel Radio Channel, will now host her own program focusing on the successful achievements of Revenue Rebels.

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Have You Overlooked These Change Management Questions?

IStock_000018668673Small Slma-recommended-187There is something so satisfying about going live with new enterprise software, isn’t there? After all, you likely spent weeks -- maybe even months -- researching solutions, sitting through demos, trialing software, and guiding a committee of stakeholders to make a final decision.

Time to sit back and revel in the glory, right? Maybe. It all depends upon your approach to change management and training.

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When a New CMO Meets the Sales Manager, Sparks Fly

IStock_000008113130Small“What can I do for you today?” Cyndi asked the new CMO as he settled into the chair facing her.

“It isn’t what you can do for me,” Tom said. “It’s what can I do for you.  While I’ve only been on the job for a few weeks, maybe there is something Marketing needs to do for you,” he said with a bemused smile.

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You'll Die if you Don't Listen to Customers


- Jennifer Holt and Cyndi Greenglass on WVU Marketing Communications Today Radio

"The graveyard is littered with companies who have died when they were abandoned by their customers. This is what happens when you don’t listen to them, and you lose touch with what matters."

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