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Make sure you and your clients speak the same language.

We may laugh at stories like this one posted on Clients from Hell, but ultimately, we are the ones they should laugh at if this is what the client actually believes. We have not done our jobs communicating clearly.


 If we don't educate our clients with the terminology we use while working on their projects, or learn to reword it in terms they are familiar with, we have no one to blame but ourselves when there is this hurricane of a degree of a misunderstanding. AND, on the other hand, if you are the client and something doesn't make sense, someone is geekspeaking at you, hailing acronyms on you that you're unsure of their meaning - ASK! We think you know some of this stuff, or assume you do because you smile and nod your head as if you understand,  or don't ask any questions.

I've been on both sides of this scenario. 


When I was in Jr. High ('78-'80), I was always a student council member, or a representative for

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Named Account Marketing: New Tools and Techniques to Reach a Limited Universe


Some B2B marketers know exactly what accounts are in their target market.  What a luxury!  These marketers can eliminate the old “spray and pray,” and focus all their attention and investment in a finite universe of prospects and current customers.  It’s almost like mass customized selling, with maximum coverage and minimal waste.  Best of all, a number of new tools and tactics are now available to do the marketing job efficiently. 

I’ve been involved a few situations like this recently.  At DMA14 in San Diego, I heard a fascinating talk by Mark Rentschler, marketing director at Makino, a large manufacturer of machine tools.  They have spent a few years building a database of the 6,000 accounts they already do business with in North America, plus another 6,000 prospective accounts.  Makino’s approach?  “Laser focus,” says Rentschler.  “These are the accounts we pay attention to.”

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What good is helpful information if you keep it locked up?

9694511_sHow many of you are over the fact that when you click on a helpful or interesting headline the first thing you need to do is fill out a form to view it? This is typical on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Time to practice combatting what we rant about regularly.  The SLMA.com website has had a wonderful library of articles for members to read. They were required to login and then they had access.

This doesn't help everyone who just doesn't feel like remembering one more password. Our article authors take a lot of time to write these articles. We want to share their information with everyone - member or non-member. So we have gone through and made EVERY article on SLMA.com public.

Members wll be required to login in order to nominate and vote for the 50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management each year. Members will be required to login to nominate for the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management, as well. We may have one or two items like that requiring login, but information, articles and whitepapers are available to all as of this week!

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Why Sales Loves Lead Nurturing

By Lisa Cramer, President, LeadLife Solutions

Why Sales Loves Lead NurturingI speak at a number of events, on webinars and in one on one discussions with prospects. One of the latest events I spoke at was uncharacteristically full of sales execs versus marketing executives.  We mostly speak to rooms full of marketers anxious to learn about marketing automation and how to apply it to their businesses.  However, in more and more events we see sales and marketing executives working on the lead management process together. So after surveying the room, I anticipated a lackluster response to my topic about lead nurturing and its effect on revenue. I was dead wrong.

The audience couldn’t have been more interactive, copiously taking notes and making sure they understood exactly what I was saying. Essentially this focus seemed to be about these sales executives starting to understand why the dynamic in their world of selling has changed.  They all were struggling with it but having a difficult time understanding what was happening. The reality is the buyer has the leverage, and as a matter of fact, doesn’t even have a conversation with the vendor/supplier until they’ve proceeded through 60% of their buying process (Corporate Executive Board).  To a lot of these sales guys that was shocking, staggering and scary. So the question in the room then became what can sales do to get in front of people?

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Proud of my daughter's success in her current career.

As parents we watch our children grow, go to college, start careers. They start learning from us and our examples. They learn from their peers, professors, internships. Sometimes they don't realize what has soaked in from our teachings and examples.

Sales Management:

She only has a seaonal business. Each year she adds another 25% to her customer base. She reconnects with her clients and shows them new product, talks about any pricing changes, profitability and the company's mission. She's passionate and truly listens to her customers. They feel valued and are loyal to her efforts.

Qualified Leads:

As most are from her local farm, or referrals, 90% of her leads are qualified. There are unforeseen wrenches that she can't always combat, but she shakes them off and makes room for the next sale.

Lead Nurturing:

She follows up with last year's customers, asking them if they have an referrals for her in the area, then following up immediately mentioning the original customer as the one who sent her to them.

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Build a Powerful Lead Scoring Program Today

Without lead scoring, you risk your sales team wasting time on prospects not ready to buy, and marketers nurturing opportunities that will never qualify.

VisionEdge Marketing President Laura Patterson shared her tips recently in this two-part video series on crafting an effective scoring system. She outlines how to use “fit” and “behavior” metrics to rate opportunities and how those scores translate to action.



 These videos were recorded and edited by Software Advice

5 Key Tactics for Managing Your Leads to Win More Sales

Sarah Goliger head shotSo you are lucky enough to work in an inbound environment and your marketing team is filling your pipeline with leads for you to work and, hopefully, convert into customers. In order to make sure that the leads you get are qualified and ready for that phone call, it’s crucial that your sales and marketing teams work together to devise an effective lead management strategy.

By nurturing unqualified leads with email campaigns that deliver educational offers and opportunities to learn more about your company and your product, your marketing team can essentially guide them through the research stage of your buying cycle and further down your sales funnel. Once these leads have demonstrated a strong interest in your product and a significant likelihood of buying, they should be sent over to sales, so you can delve deeper into the purchasing process and close that revenue.

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Lead Management in Five Words

Knipp%20HS%20Fall2011%20BorderWebMost marketing execs I meet are working with inbound lead flows in the hundreds or thousands.  Despite the fact that they really need to work on increasing that lead flow, they have a big focus on how to manage those inbound leads.  Many are amazed that here at HubSpot, a B2B software company, we generate upwards of 45,000 leads per month (and I mean net new conversions).  They always ask me how WE manage such massive lead flow?  What systems, tools and processes are in place to get the most value out of all that lead generation activity!?

First, let me remind you that when I started about 2 and a half years ago, we were generating closer to 10-15K per month ... just about doubling each year since then due to the unfailing efforts of a pretty stellar team, led by CMO Mike Volpe, that does everything from prolific blogging, to frequent educational webinars and ebooks. 

Signs that you have too many leads to handle:

Your sales team is complaining about quality more than they are about volume of leads.

Your prospects complain that your sales team is too aggressive.

Both symptoms of a marketing team sending all leads, regardless of quality or readiness to buy to the sales team.

It’s time to learn the Five Ss of Lead Management: Set, Scrub, Score, Segment & Synthesize

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How to Estimate the Number of Inquiries to Make New Business Forecast

 This originally appeared as a commentary on SLMA Radio.

Nothing happens in an organization without a sales forecast and yet few marketers take the forecast and estimate the number of total inquiries (not qualified inquiries) that will be needed to make forecast (quota).

Predicting the number of inquiries needed is simple and easy; take the sales goal, average sales price for the product, buying percentage (45%), sales lead follow-up percent and your market share.  Knowing these items will allow you to predict the number of inquiries needed to make your sales goals. 

The formula is:

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Marketing’s Role in Sales

What role do Marketers really play in sales – I mean directly with Sales?  We have found that the answer to this question is quite different for each company. Some Marketers are left to worry about executing campaigns with no particular concern regarding the outcome of the marketing tactics on eventual revenue. It’s hard to believe that this situation still exists, but we’ve seen it time and time again.  It’s the status quo legacy that many companies continue to maintain.  However, we do see a majority of Marketers striving (whether of their own impetus or that of their managers) to have a more direct impact on sales. 

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