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And People in Hell also want Ice Water: A Cowboy Sales Manager Whines about Salespeople

Some say it is the best story I have told. I told it to Dan McDade's readers on Viewpoint,  The Truth About Lead Generation.   

IStock_000008703366SmallHe stands 6’5” in custom-made cowboy boots and wears a wide-brimmed cowboy hat that cost as much as the boots. Likeable and direct, he pointed a lot and pointing makes me uncomfortable. Jabbing the air seemed like jabbing me in the chest, and as my mother would say, that’s impolite. But I know he is just western, real western, and he didn’t mean anything personal.

It was in answer to my questions about lead follow-up by salespeople that he grumbled, “And people in hell also want ice water.“

“If they just do their damn job and stop whining we’d all be better off,” he said with an interesting whine in his voice. He was frustrated; angry that the marketing spend wasn’t showing the ROI expected, and he blamed salespeople.

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Should leads be reassigned if a rep fails on follow-up? Listen While You Work!

In this interview with Jerry Troke, CEO of Marketnet, host Susan Finch and Jerry Troke tackle the issue of simply reassigning sales leads to someone that cares instead of pursuing the impossible dream.


Sales lead follow-up by direct or indirect representatives continues to be the most aggravating, difficult, madding, and frustrating issue confronting sales and marketing management. 

Why it Matters: 

"Management demands, threatens, screams and begs salespeople to do their jobs and follow-up expensive sales leads given to them, and failure is management's reward 75-90% of the time." 

Sales Lead Management Association

About Jerry Troke

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Is your marketing plan based on a sales lead forecast?

IStock_000075370299_Large (3)Starting January 1, if you have a calendar business year, you should have a new marketing plan with SWOT, Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics. The plan must be based on a sales forecast by product. It should state how many inquiries by product will be essential to make forecast and the sales quotas.

Each tactic should clearly state how many raw inquiries and qualified leads you will create to make forecast (if the tactic is lead gen based).

Budgets should reflect two approaches:

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10 Reasons to Prioritize ELEVATE - 30 Speakers

The SLMA endorses the Elevate Event Sales Kickoff Event.  The speakers are tremendous and we are looking forward to the program.  Velocify did not pay for this endorsement.


By Nick Hedges

If you are a sales professional or work with sales in any capacity, ELEVATE is an event not to miss. This free virtual sales kickoff sponsored by Velocify and the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), will help you and your team perform at their highest level in the coming year with access to more than 30 of the greatest minds in sales.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to attend ELEVATE:

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The 7 Most Important Words that a CEO Can Say!

The seven most important words that a CEO can say is, "Follow-up 100% on all sales leads!"

Some of the highlights included:

Sales, the prospecting is fundamentally a marketing activity, right. If you have your salespeople out marketing, they're trying to create interest in the product.

That's a marketing – you're only doing that because – hopefully you're only doing that because you're not getting a substantial enough flow of leads into the – good quality leads into the company. So you're doing it by necessity.

They've gotta follow up leads, they've gotta make quota and they've gotta fill out their expense reports. And only two of those are really mandatory. The third one – the first one, if you have 100 percent follow up of the sales leads you'll be doing three to four times better than your competitors. Who's going to win?

...They were not following up their sales leads. The CEO thought his problem was he wasn't generating enough leads. And the fact of it is he was. The ones he was generating just weren't being followed up.So I said, "Here, I can change that for you in five minutes." And so what I said is, "You know, here's our process. Here are the leads

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A Story: How a Marketing Manager Learned to Build a Demand Creation Plan Based on Sales Quotas

IStock_000018180137Small“How do you know,” I asked the marketing manager, “how much money to spend on marketing, and how many inquiries and leads to produce?”

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Call for beta users for SLMA Members! Download Spiro to better manage deals and income!

IStock_000038306980LargeSLMA members who have an iPhone and use Salesforce.com are invited to join Spiro’s private beta program.

Sales professionals  are always looking for ways – whether those are organization methods or technology solutions – to better manage leads and be more successful in their careers. One tool that I’ve recently come across that helps sales reps do just that is Spiro – the personal sales assistant for quota-carrying salespeople who want to make more money. Spiro is now in beta and looking for salespeople and managers to try this new tool.

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Are Sales Leads a Perishable Asset?

How leads are managed makes the difference between a squandered investment or a measurable return on investment!

This article in its complete form has been published on the eti Sales Support sales and marketing blog. Go here to read the complete story with nine recommendations to solve the issue of perishable leads.

 IStock_000010615874_SmallSales leads have a lot in common with perishable fresh fish

When your company spends money on lead generation, the clock starts ticking; each inquiry has a life span.  Some of the leads may take a year to buy, some take six months, and some will take a few months, or a few days.

Michael Falkson, CEO of eti Sales Support, said, “ETI’s experience shows that 80% of inquiries will convert into Market Qualified Leads within 18 business hours. Your chances of success, thereafter, fall dramatically“.

The certainty is that a group of leads from a given month has a life span.  Each month a few make a decision and disappear; they are dead to you.      

Why it matters:

Fast responders sell more than those who are slow, sluggish, unhurried, leisurely, and dawdling in pursuit of a prospect.

Sales Lead Management Association

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