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Password Management and Security Done Your Way

Recently I was pulled into an account that was a hot mess of security vulnerabilities, lost logins, expired licenses and reactive security, rather than proactive. This does have a happy ending, but several points came up as I helped them sort through, centralize and secure their basics. 

What was wrong with their digital security:

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Is your company safe from data breaches and ransomware?

DatasecurityWe mainly hear about data breaches and ransomware  in the healthcare industry because your health data is the MOST VALUABLE commodity to hackers, pirates and other slimy types of folks preying on your data and willingness to type away and submit online. Those companies that have to be HIPAA compliance are the most targeted.

Hopefully you don't have firsthand knowledge of ransomware, but let me catch you up on the term.  Ransomware, a type of computer virus that arrives via email attachment, website link, or other online exploit, continues to present a major problem for businesses. Once a virus infects a host computer, it connects to illicit servers, usually located in a foreign country, that then transmit personal information like your IP address, geographic area, system setup, and login details. Those servers will then create a random encryption key that can lock up individual files, both those located on your actual machine and those on any external hard drives or shared networks.
Once those files are encrypted, users cannot access them without paying a ransom to obtain a decryption key — unless, of course, they have

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Mohan Taylor and Mike Verrell: What’s Hot in Digital Asset Management (DAM) in 2016 - January 28th Webinar

From the section: Lead Mgmt News   Note this seems interesting from an SLMA Viewpoint.   This is not a paid announcement. 

Wondering what’s on tap in Digital Asset Management (DAM) in 2016?  Register here for North Plains Systems’ (NPS) annual webinar on “What’s Hot & Not in DAM” on Thursday, January 28th, 12PM EST.

Hosted by Henry Stewart Events, this highly anticipated, interactive webinar will focus on trending innovations in DAM.  Presenters include leading DAM experts from NPS, Mohan Taylor and Mike Verrell.  Topics for discussion and debate will include:

  • What it really means to have support for the eco-system
  • The impact of mobile in DAM technology
  • Improvements in metadata modelling
  • Integration with other enterprise applications
  • The role of DAM in social media 
  • The role of DAM in video marketing
  • How do analytics feed back into DAM

During the webinar, Taylor and Verrell will share seven key trends shaping the DAM industry that will equip marketers to

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