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Paul Petersen of GoldMine CRM is the New Host of CRM Radio [Podcast]


Petersen, a Senior Executive with GoldMine CRM, Assumes Host Duties This Month on the Live Internet Radio Program with Podcast Replays

Lynden, WA - - July 18, 2018 - - James W. Obermayer, co-owner of the Funnel Media Group LLCTM  and publisher of its Funnel Radio Channel (a live-streaming internet radio station), announced that Paul Petersen, Vice President and General Manager of GoldMine CRM, will be the permanent host and prime sponsor for 

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73% of SMBs Report CRM Failures, Unless…

There are Three Critical Components for Success with CRM Software

IStock_000013867169SmallCRM software at the small business level is failing. Industry reports claim that there is as high as a 73 percent failure rate with the implementation and use of CRM among the small business community and it’s not at all surprising.

Why it Matters:

"While we hear of a high failure rate with CRM software in the small to mid-sized sector, you rarely hear of a failed accounting system implementation. I wonder why that is?"

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Why do salespeople lift a leg on the CRM System?

IStock_000002670512SmallNo matter how good a CRM system you have there are always salespeople that will figuratively lift their leg on it and say they won’t use it. (Don't mean to be sexist here)  

The primary purpose of a CRM system, even if they don’t believe it, is to help bring control to their sales lives. Control time, reduce use of spreadsheets, track hundreds of prospects, reduce the need to remember appointments, important dates, and ultimately close more sales. Why do salespeople resist CRM systems? The reasons are common but fixable:

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