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Funnel Radio Line-up for November 15


We have a new show by DiscoverOrg launching at 12:30 pm Pac, but let's start at the top of our broadcast day. 9am Glenn Davis, Sr. VP, Growth Execution and Client Engagement UnitedHealth Group joins Patrick Morrissey on Predictable Revenue Radio. At 10:30 it's time to READY, SET, GROW! with Laura Patterson and her guest, Greg Stock of Zenoss. 11 am on Sales Enablement Radio, Ralph Grimse hosts John Krumheuer - Vice President of North American Sales, SmartDrive. Topic: What Every Sales Leader Wants Sales Enablement to Know. 11:30 on Sales Pipeline Radio, Matt Heinz listens to a confession by Joe Hyland about how his minor in psychology helped him become a CEO. Noon: If you think LinkedIn doesn’t matter for your business, here’s why you’re wrong. Kyla O'Connell hosts Judy Schramm on Asher Sales Sense. NOW for our NEW show! GrowthboundB2B by DiscoverOrg and hosted by Katie Bullard. Her first guest is one of our favorites, Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD. Don't miss an episode! Listen LIVE > 

20181115-tweet-altify-davis9:00 am Pac: Predictable Revenue Radio by ALTIFY hosted by @PatMorrissey

Guest: Glenn Davis, Sr. VP, Growth Execution and Client Engagement UnitedHealth Group

Topic: Why is 78% of Sales Rep time spent on Non-Selling Activities?

20181115-tweet-rsg-stock10:30 am Pac: Ready, Set, Grow! with host Laura Patterson @lauravem by VisionEdge Marketing

Guest: Greg Stock, CEO Zenoss @GregStock

20181115-tweet-ser-krumheuer11:00 am Pac: Sales Enablement Radio by @thebrevetgroup hosted by Ralph Grimse

Guest: John Krumheuer - Vice President of North American Sales, SmartDrive

Topic: What Every Sales Leader Wants Sales Enablement to Know

Tweets-instream-images-800x600-hancock11:30 am Sales Pipeline Radio hostet by Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Joe Hyland, CMO ON24 @mojoehyland

Topic: Joe Hyland Confesses How a Minor in Psychology Led him to be a CMO

20181115-asher-judy-schramm12 Pac/3pm Eastern - Asher Sales Sense with host Kyla O'Connell by @asherstrategies

Guest: Judy Schramm @proresource

Topic: If you think LinkedIn doesn’t matter for your business, here’s why you’re wrong.

Gbb2b-20181115-gray-tweetNEW SHOW! Growthbound B2B by @discoverorg hosted by Katie Bullard

Guest: Justin Gray @Jgraymatter

Topic: Getting Growthbound with Justin Gray - What the world’s fastest companies do differently.

Funnel Radio Line-up Nov 1


Starting at 9am Pacific: Partick Morriessy welcomes John Kresia, VP Marketing at Hortonworks to talk about innovation and owning your category. Darryl Praill joins Rhoan Morgan on Revenue Rebels to cover the 4 steps to accelerating company growth. On Sales Enablement Radio, host, Ralph Grimse and his guest, Chris Day discuss crushing yoru quota using situational awareness. Matt Heinz topic is:Sales Objection Handling from the Master: Insights from Best Seller Jeb Blount. John Asher's guest is Brian Beveridge - Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategy and Execution to Optimize Growth. Amy Franko launched her book 10/30 - The Modern Seller. It opened to the Number 1 spot on Amazon for new books in the business category. She and Susan Finch cover what it means to be a Modern Seller on Rooted in Revenue.

20181101-tweet-altify-kreisa9am Pacific: Predictable Revenue Radio with host, Patrick Morrisey by Altify @PatMorrissey

Guest: John Kreisa, VP Marketing at Hortonworks @marked_man
Topic: Going from Technology Innovation to Owning a Category

Live Nov 1 from Dublin, Ireland and San Jose, CA: How do you go from innovative new technology to building and owning a category? That’s the question will dig into with John Kreisa, VP Marketing at Hortonworks – one of the fastest growing tech companies in history. We’re going to talk about the ins and out, challenges and difficulties of creating and scaling a category

20181101-tweet-rr-morgan-praill10:30 am - Revenue Rebels by DemandLab with host, Rhoan Morgan @demandlab

Guest: Darryl Praill, VP Marketing, VanillaSoft @ohpinion8ed @vanillasoft
Topic: 4 Steps to Accelerating Company Growth

Revenue Rebels spotlights rule-breaking marketing and sales leaders who are accelerating business growth with a fanatically customer-centric approach and this month we’re featuring Darryl Praill, Chief Marketing Officer at VanillaSoft.

Since joining the VanillaSoft team a year ago, Darryl has transformed the sales and marketing process and increased lead flow by launching an inbound marketing strategy and an aggressive digital marketing program supported by a strong sales and marketing stack. If you’re a marketing leader ready to elevate your company, tune in to this episode to hear Darryl’s 4-step approach to accomplish this and more.


Brevet-tweet-grimse-day11:00 am - Sales Enablement Radio by the Brevet Group with host, Ralph Grimse @thebrevetgroup

Guest: Chris Day @christopherlday
Topic: Crushing Your Quota Using Situational Awareness

Our conversation is with Chris Day, inside sales leader at Bazaarvoice. We explore how to using situational awareness and pattern matching helps ramp new sellers faster and improves sales coaching and enablement. His team is crushing it, check it out!

Tweets-instream-images-800x600-blount11:30 am - Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Jeb Blout @SalesGravy
Topic: Sales Objection Handling from the Master: Insights from Best Seller Jeb Blount

20181101-asher-Brian-Beveridge12:00 pm - Asher Sales Sense by Asher Sales Strategy with host, John Asher @asherstrategies

Guest: Brian Beveridge
Topic: Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategy and Execution to Optimize Growth

 One of the most difficult and enduring challenges business leaders face is misalignment of sales and marketing. And Brian Beveridge knows how to fix this. Even if you have winning talent and winning solutions, if you can’t get your sales and marketing strategy and execution working seamlessly you’re missing out on money.  While these challenges vary some between Enterprise and SMB markets, there are key steps business leaders can take to make substantial impact toward revenue growth. With decades of experience in this arena, Brian has key recommendations for how you can have immediate results to boost sales and crush your competition. Tune in to “Asher Sales Sense” November 1 at 3PM Eastern on to hear John Asher talk with Brian Beveridge of Beveridge Consulting about “Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategy and Execution to Optimize Growth.

Tweet-rooted-modern-seller12:30 pm - Rooted in Revenue with host, Susan Finch @susanfinchweb

Guest: Amy Franko, Author, Speaker
Topic: The Modern Seller and Why You Need to Become One.

Today's guest is Amy Franko, author of The Modern Seller. (available on Kindle or hardcopy). Some of the points we cover in this interview include big points taken directly from her book. 

Funnel Radio Line-up October 18


We have expanded to 6 shows weekly. Four different lineups. Today's shows include: Predictable Revenue Radio by Altify, Ready, Set, Grow! by Vision Edge Marketing, Sales Enablement Radio by The Brevet Group, Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing, ASHER Sales Sense by Asher Sales Strategies and finally, Rooted in Revenue by Susan Finch Solutions. Listen live starting at 9am Pac.

Visit any of the shows below to catch up on replays before they air live or listen to the full line up.

20181018-altify-bliss9:00 am Pac: Predictable Revenue Radio by Alitfy with host, Patrick Morrissey @PatMorrissey

Guest: Sunny Bliss, Director of Strategic Accounts, New Voice Media @NewVoiceMedia
Topic: Sales Excellence with Exceptional Customer Experiences


10:30 am Pac:

Ready, Set, Grow! with host, Laura Patterson @lauravm
Guest: Becky Taylor, COO SensorRX



11:00 am Pac: Sales Enablement Radio with host, Brian Williams

Guest: Nancy Nardin @sellingtools
Topic: How Technology is Impacting Sales Enablement


11:30 am Pac: Sales Pipeline Radio with Host, Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Laura H Vogel @laurahvogel
Topic: The B2B Event Marketing Gap That Will Make Or Break Your Success

Listen Live or catch some replays >

880x440-asher-kyla-edwards12:00 PAC /3:00 EST:  ASHER Sales Sense with host Kyla O'Connell @asherstrategies

Guest: John Edwards, Exec VP, Communica
Topic: Accelerate Sales by Automating Your Marketing


12:30 pm Pacific: Rooted in Revenue

Host: Susan Finch @susanfinchweb

Topic: B2C Marketing Tips for your local market - Maps, Reviews, Top 10 Lists and Subscriber Journey

Asher Strategies Joins the Funnel Radio Channel with Asher Sales Sense

Asher Strategies announced the launch of Asher Sales Sense, a radio show with podcast replays that feature hosts John Asher and Kyla O’Connell, informed guests and unique conversations on sales strategies. The first program aired on Sept 6th, and is available on for people to listen in on the latest episode.

Listen to the first episode: 

Boost Your Sales Career by Adopting the Mindset of an Elite Salesperson

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Yes, Elite Salespeople have a Different Mindset and it can be learned! Podcast

Asher-20180830-tweet-asher-oconnellJohn Asher interviews Kyla O’Connell, senior sales trainer and coach for Asher Strategies about Sales Training Reinforcement Techniques.  Kyla discusses the traits of an elite salesperson, how she learned it and how she teaches sales reps to achieve an extraordinary level of success. 

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