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Artificial Intelligence Must Do Three Things and it Doesn't Include Dumping Salespeople - Anil Kaul Podcast

Anil Kaul, CEO at AbsolutData joined host Matt Heinz for an in-depth talk about artificial intelligence.  The three things he expects from AI are :

  1. Sensing the meaning behind data
  2. Understand text
  3. The ability to recommend complex decisions. 

".... we went from using data quite literally and quite directly to now using information to make conjectures and to create new experiences for customers. I think maybe five years ago, the big buzzword in B2B was maybe "social selling," "social media." A couple of years later "account-based marketing" and then we start talking about AI and I think there has been a lot of interest in artificial intelligence, a lot of discussions.

I think inevitably that initial frothing turns into, "Well what exactly is it and how do we use it?" And AbsoluteData really have been at the forefront of this.

Listen as Anil talks about what AI means to him and about some of the practical applications that can help more marketers or more business leaders wrap their heads around how to leverage it. 

Read the full transcription on the Heinz Marketing blog.


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Susan Finch shares with you the next book for your nightstand that is completely highlighter worthy as she welcomes authors Tom Williams and Tom Saine to talk about their book, The Seller's Challenge: How Top Sellers Master 10 Deal Killing Obstacles in B2B Sales. Cyndi Greenglass wraps up the broadcast day with morning news anchor, Angela An as they give you tips on how to turn statistics into a story.


880x440-tweet-iis-dulany9:00 am Pac: INSIDE Inside Sales with host, Darryl Praill @vanillasoft @ohpinion8ted 

Guest: David Dulany, Founder/CEO Tenbound  @tenbound @DKDINSF
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Tweets-instream-images-800x600-hally11:30 am Pac: Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz, @heinzmarketing

Guest: Andrew Hally @andrewjhally 
Topic: Style vs Function: The Importance of Design and UX in B2B Applications

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Market Intelligence Infographic from New Jersey Institute of Technology

The following Infographic is from the  New Jersey Institute of Technology.    It fits nicely this week with our series of posts and discussions in the coming week on SLMA and CRM Radio about the skill of Digital Analytics and salaries of marketing people that work with the results on marketing intelligence.

This is an especially insightful visual guide from a source that isn't biased in its approach. 

Why it's Important

Market intelligence (MI) refers to data that uncovers information about a product’s market, which is then used to shape strategies around advertising, market penetration and new products. By devoting time and resources toward gathering and analyzing MI, some companies have been able to rise above their competitors.

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WSJ D.LIVE Interview with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

WSJ Article on AI - Interview with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

Companies Must Use AI-Or Else

In the October 24, 2017 edition of the Wall Street Journal on page R9 the Journal’s Chief News editor, Jason Anders spoke with Intel Chief Executive Brian Krzanich.      The subhead is, “If a company isn’t using artificial intelligence says Intel CEO Brian Krzanish, it is going to be outpaced by another company that is.” 

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Huff says, You are More than a bunch of tools. What has been Lost?

Listen while you work.

Why aren't the tools working as touted?   Surprise, personal relations get a second look.

We've covered a lot ground with the topic of AI, but before that was a thing, companies pushed their teams to implement and vigilantly use tools such as CRM, DemandGen, and CMS  as a solution to increase closed deals.

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How the Big Dogs Play: Narrative Analytics with Damon Waldron – Protagonist

Listen  and learn IStock-803994860

While you Work


600-x600-CRMRadio-20170713-waldronjpgKnowing the narrative landscape – what your audience’s opinion is of your company - can make the difference between success and failure. 

In this interview, with Damon Waldron, VP of Marketing at Protagonist Technologies we discuss an approach to the marketplace that the White House, government agencies, foundations and B2B/B2C companies use to understand their position in the market place. 

From Oil giants to medical devices, Narrative Analytics is an AI application that has been used for more than ten years.  The host is Jim Obermayer.

About Damon Waldron

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Bob Perkins - AA-ISP on the question: Will AI Replace Salespeople?

IStock-803994860Listen  and learn

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 There is no one we'd trust more to answer the question about direction of growth for inside sales than the founder of AA-ISP,  Bob Perkins.

In this interview with Bob Perkins, founder and chairman of the American Association of Inside Professionals, we discuss his opinions and recent research sponsored by Velocify and AA-ISP: The Evolving Sales Technology Landscape. Some say, it isn’t a matter of if, but when salespeople will be replaced by algorithms (Artificial Intelligence) interacting with buyers.  Some say is happening already at an ever increasing pace.     The host is Jim Obermayer.   They discussed:

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Paul Teshima of Nudge on AI and Marketing Headcount

Listen while you work

This is part of a series of interviews with industry leaders about artificial intelligence’s impact on the marketing and sales departments current and future head count.

We interview Paul Teshima, a former Eloqua executive and CEO of The executives interviewed so far seem to believe that AI will create jobs while also changing the job description of those in both sales and marketing. Paul may have a different opinion. The host is Jim Obermayer

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