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13 Lessons for an Interim Sales Manager

Most "interim sales managers" are hired in times of stress.   These sales consultants are expected to swiftly “right-the-ship.”  During this podcast, James Obermayer, who successfully increased sales, reshaped marketing departments, created SWOTs and Sales and Marketing Plans, for more than 50 high tech clients shares the 13 lessons he learned while at Sales Leakage Consulting. This session is for sales consultants and interim sales and marketing managers (Interim CMO's are also welcome).

About James W. Obermayer

Four-time author, interim sales and marketing manager at high-tech companies, Obermayer founded Sales Leakage Consulting, the Sales Lead Management Association and the Funnel Media Group.

SLMA Radio is hosted by James Obermayer of Funnel Media Group which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  Funnel Media Group is the sponsor of SLMA Radio

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