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Sales Leads Have a lot in Common with Fresh Fish

FishWhen you are buying fresh fish you look at the eyes (clear?), poke the flesh (does it recover), smell it (fishy?).  If the fish is fresh it remains fresh for 1-2 days and then just like a sales lead it starts to degrade and smell a bit.   

When your company spends money on lead generation, the clock starts ticking; each inquiry has a life span.  Some of the leads may be best if contacted in minutes.  Some are ok with a call within hours or even a day or so, like fresh fish, after a few days the value is reduced.  

Michael Falkson, former CEO of eti Sales Support, said, “Our experience shows that 80% of inquiries will convert into Market Qualified Leads within 18 business hours. Your chances of success, thereafter, fall dramatically“.

The certainty is that a group of leads from a given day has a life span.  Each day, week or month a few make a decision and disappear; they are dead to you.      

Why it matters:

Fast responders sell more than those who are slow, sluggish, unhurried, leisurely, and dawdling in pursuit of a prospect.           James Obermayer

Delayed response means a higher rejection rate. Prospects often ignore delayed responders as they no longer need information.  Plus, they see the delay as the first indication of the value of the business relationship: slow to respond, slow to deliver, slow to service.

Why It’s Important:

Leads that are followed up fast will buy at a higher rate.  First respondents sell more than those who delay more than 18 hours.   James Obermayer

The issue is that leads that are followed up fast will buy at a higher rate than those that are contacted within days or weeks, or sometimes even months after the initial contact.  He who is a first responder sells more than he who is not. 

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