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When a Vietnam Veteran and a Cop met on a Sunday Morning

It was a quiet Sunday morning in Villa Park, CA. I tapped my brakes at the stop sign and rolled on.

A Villa Park police officer pulled me over. He took his time getting out of the police car, stopped at my rear bumper for a moment, and then approached my open window.

Taking my license, he said, “You know you rolled that stop sign, right?”   “Yes sir, guess you’re right,” I smiled.

“Tell me something,” he asked, “What’s that bumper sticker stand for?”

“That’s a private club I belong to,” I said, “Life-time membership, due are paid.”

He took a moment, tapped my license in his hand a few times, and said, “Have a nice day.”

As the officer turned to go he stopped, “By the way,” he said, “Thanks for your service.”

159px-Vietnam_Service_Medal_ribbon.svgThe bumper sticker is a Viet Nam Service Ribbon that all Veterans who served in Vietnam earned. I didn’t tell him I’m a Vet but he knew the club: Lifetime membership, dues paid.

Every serviceman and woman, from every war, has a similar service ribbon.

Posted on Memorial Day 2020

To the men and war-dogs of the 63rd Infantry Platoon Combat Trackers (IPCT), Americal Division, US Army. You know who you are and what you gave.

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