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Marketers are the (Re)Builders of Wealth

IStock-534889237Yeah, yeah these are difficult times, but marketers are always faced with difficult times.  It is every marketers job to over-come difficult times, be it market crashes, governments that stop buying, recessions, product failures, competitors, international meltdowns, hurricanes, tornadoes. earthquakes or COVID-19.    As marketers we've been there and done that and always found a way to recover because that's what we do.   That's why we were hired, we perform in the most difficult of times. 

"Nothing happens until the sale is made," is most often quoted as a lead-in to praising salespeople. And the speaker is almost right, but we know that deep in our B2B marketing hearts, it all starts sooner than that.

In B2B, nothing happens until the marketer creates demand. Without the marketer most B2B companies would be regional door knockers; they would not be able to go beyond the reach of their salespeople. Marketing in B2B companies creates Wealth. I mean real wealth. Hardcore, measurable, bottom line profitable dollars that drives the growth of our 8,000,000 plus businesses in the US.


Why it Matters

On any given day the average marketer knocks on more virtual doors, delivers more messages, and is read by more people, than any sales force could possibly accomplish. Marketers and their surrogates, the agencies (on-line, branding, direct marketing, PR) and telemarketing and trade shows are the hammers by which B2B marketers create wealth.


Company presidents use, as a common measurement, their company’s performance by the amount of revenue per employee or per salesperson. But if they were to measure the revenue per marketer in their company they would be astounded. For every 100 salespeople there is a single marketer, sitting in a cubicle late at night, rewriting the words that will create a response on the part of thousands of potential buyers.

For every 5000 salespeople there is an agency creative director who is wrestling with an idea that will ultimately bring in millions of dollars in wealth to the client he or she represents.

But the credit for these creators of wealth seldom makes its way to their office door or to the meager paychecks they bring home. The reason is that too many of them cannot measure their contributions to the wealth of the company. And no one will do it for them.

Marketers must not only create wealth, they must prove it to management. This can only happen if they have a system to verify and pursue beyond all reasonable doubt, that the demand they create, the millions of potential buyers who knock on every B2B company door each day have bought something from their company.

There is one simple answer to this conundrum. Marketers must have the best Sales Lead Management System money will buy. The paltry cost for an accountability system is the only way the real creators of wealth, the marketers, can take their rightful place in B2B society.

My challenge to you, the midnight toilers, and the creators of wealth is, when will you decide that enough is enough? When will you measure what you manage?    Will you accept your responsibility to rebuild your business?  Your country?  Will you be yourself, which is the builder of wealth for your company? 

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