Why Sales Lead Management Software is Separating Itself from CRM
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Do You Have a Sales Lead Management Process Definition

Stu-no-time-skydivingDoes your company have a sales lead management process defined to track follow-up of leads and marketing productivity?  Having a CRM system isn’t a process.  Using a marketing automation system is a step in the process but isn't the total process. 

The sales lead management process crosses countless departments; numerous software systems, and a multitude of outside agencies. If you have not defined the sales lead process, this is as bad as not defining a sales process.  

Why it Matters

"Failure to have a sales lead management process mapped out will send salespeople on fools errands and waste marketing dollars "

James Obermayer , Founder of the Sales Lead Management Association

Chart it out and find out where the break down is in lead processing.  How many departments are involved?  How many agencies create leads for you? How many software packages touch the lead?  Who is in charge of it all, or is it no one?

How do you address the needs of your future customers? Do you track the follow-up of the inquiry by the salespeople? Are marketing campaigns judged on their successes based on sales produced?   Are all of the various marketing and sales software programs talking to each other? 

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Salespeople are Quick or they are Dead.

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