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How Does a Sales Manager's Team Sell When 75% of the Time there's No Plan?

Did you know that on average only 25% of B2B sales managers have a sales plan? Aside from a forecast, compensation plan, and territory alignments and additions, 75% of sales managers aren’t creating a written, objective-strategies and tactics plan similar to a marketing plan.

Hey, a sales forecast is not a sales plan.  It isn't too late to save your year. 

Why It Matters

It's stunning when you think about it, 75% of the sales manager's in B2B start the new year with no plan. Just a forecast.  How stupid is that?  What are the company presidents thinking that allows this to happen? 

640x640-funnelradio-20200109Our guest this week, Matt McKnight, Founder of McKnight Advisors LLC, a Sales Xceleration Partner, says few managers have a SWOT, customer plan, target market programs, territory expansion strategies, a tactical action plan, customer attrition and margin calculators, product introduction schedules, or a multi-year revenue plan. In other words, they are flying blind and hoping to make a forecast. Hope is not a sales plan. Listen and learn.

Our Guest Matt McKnight

Matt is the President and Founder of McKnight Advisors LLC, a Sales Xceleration Partner.  His firm helps customers launch, expand or improve their sales operations to accelerate revenue growth. With a 30-year history of sales leadership, Matt has extensive experience and success in start-up, private and public companies. His company’s approach is based on accountability, transparency, integrity, and trust focusing on the people, process and strategy to achieve sustained growth for its customers.

Matt McKnight can be reached at 847.867.5963 and at mmcknight@salesxceleration.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matt-mcknight-2463121/

Sales Xceleration Background (www.salesxceleration.com)

With over 100 Advisors across North America, Sales Xceleration provides outsourced sales consultants to small businesses and mid-sized corporations that want to drive revenue growth.  In 2019, Inc. magazine announced that Sales Xceleration is No. 2353 on its Annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. 


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