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How Does a Sales Manager's Team Sell When 75% of the Time there's No Plan?

Hemingway said, "Never mistake motion for action" But Then Again he Didn't Have a CRM or Marketing Automation System

IStock_000008575657MediumJust generating a bunch of inquiries and leads from different sources I consider to be ‘motion.’    ‘Action’ occurs when you have a system in place to ensure 100% follow-up of the results over an extended time (2x your average sales cycle).

When inquiries are abandoned by sales reps at alarming rates (75-90% are said to be never followed-up by a sales representative), the marketing department has to pick up the chore and finish the lead nurturing job.

I know for a fact - the companies that nurture and follow-up 100% of their inquiries and turn what is “turn-able” into marketing qualified leads sell more than those that don’t; 200%-400% more is not uncommon. 

Companies that have a sales engagement software tool do better than those that don't (see 

There is enough research from the marketing automation companies to know that this is no longer just an opinion but established fact. If you want to get the greatest return on your lead generation ‘spend,’ you have three choices:

1. Salespeople must follow-up 100% of the inquiries and not give up until the inquirer says they have bought or will not be buying.

2. Marketing will nurture the inquiry until it is ready to turn over to Sales, or will nurture it during the salesperson’s follow-up process. The two departments will be co-equals in pursuing the inquiries/leads until the person buys or dies.

3. Look for a sales engagement software tool that works with your CRM system.

While both Sales and Marketing are responsible for ‘action,’ Marketing needs to take the lead in determining who will do what and in establishing the timetable.

How long has it been since you reviewed the CRM system for:

  • Lead distribution rules?
  • Open territories
  • Nurturing messages

How long has it been since you reviewed your marketing automation system?

  • Is the content you are sending to prospects updated or old? 
  • Are you using the complete MA system that is available to you?
  • Are you tracking how often your content is opened and by whom? 

Are your salespeople just using a CRM system or have you armed them with a Sales Engagement software tool?  Darryl Praill, CMO of VanillaSOft taught me that sales engagement software in conjunction with a CRM system and Marketing Automation 

Have you mistaken motion for action?  

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Disclaimer:   This is not a paid advertisement or post for VanillaSoft.  


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