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Ten Reasons Why Podcasting is Popular as a Digital Strategy

IStock-597649690Podcasts, where executives in the company assume a public leadership position by discussing important topics in their industry, can be a vital part of their marketing strategy.  

There are ten reasons why you should consider using a podcast as part of your digital lead generation program. 


  1. Create thought leadership and personal branding for the host commentator and his or her company
  2. Have an authenticity with a talk radio format compared to webinars which are pure sales tools and the listeners know it
  3. Podcasts have a long life without an expiration date: new listeners tune in continually
  4. Find listeners from a live audience (if the show originates as an internet radio program) and feeds listeners and hundreds or thousands of podcasts listeners
  5. Generally cost 80%-90% less than webinars with a greater audience reach over a longer time period
  6. Are listened to by digitally connected people 24/7 away from the office
  7. Take little time for the hosts – typically 30 minutes per program – no rehearsals,  PowerPoint, or talking heads
  8. Create substantial content for use in blogs, collateral, books, newsletters, ebooks, etc.
  9. Are accessed from sites other than your own via guests and syndication
  10. Create testimonials when the host interviews the company's customers

Whether the host is your president, CRO, CSO, CMO or product manager on a rotating basis, B2B companies benefit from a Radio/Podcast programs.   See our current line up on the Funnel Radio Channel here

If you’d like to know more  about hosting your own podcast, consider joining the programs on the Funnel Radio Channel, click here.


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