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Just for Salespeople for Monday Morning

Sales consultants and trainers always seem to be pushing the latest "secrets" for improving sales.  Not surprisingly these "new found methods" are said to rescue any company from sales failures with a moderate investment (fill in the blank check).   But author David Cook says it is easier than others imply and much faster.   

Yes, we see hundreds of books on the Funnel Radio Channel programs,  but something about this practical, tactical advice rings true for the average salesperson trying to be not-so-average.  Great work from David Cook.

In his book, How To Be A GREAT Salesperson…by Monday Morning!   Cook reveals important sales techniques, including where to insert urgency, when to use a third-party close, and how to shorten the sales cycle.  In this interview he discusses his motivational principles that will help you approach customers with a new level of confidence and enthusiasm.  Yes, this is primarily for the salesperson, but sales managers have a lot to learn also by reading this book.  The host is Jim Obermayer.

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Paperback: 14.95

In an engaging and thought-provoking interview, Cook discusses:

  • The three crucial elements to any successful sale
  • Laugh your way to the bank: Why making your customers laugh is a powerful strategy
  • Start closing when you say hello: Why coughing during your sale can make a difference
  • What makes an leading salesperson? The  traits that make you stand out
  • The simple phrase that works every time “Forgive my persistence, please:”
  • Ask for help, NEVER ask a customer to do you a favor!
  • David’s top closing strategies can be used on buyers  in any industry

About David Cook and Sales Training on The Go

Award-winning author Dave Cook, CEO and founder of Sales Training On-the-Go, is one of the most in-demand experts on sales training, coaching, and motivation around the world. Cook is the #1 rated producer at Business and Legal Resources (BLR), with awards including: CEO / President's Club Award for Outstanding Sales Achievement for all eleven years of his employment and the Joe Berneski Leadership Award for Outstanding Leadership Skills

With unequaled expertise, Cook’s training will help anyone to rise to the top of their field and achieve their greatest professional goals, faster than they ever thought possible.

Learn more about Dave Cook at and connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter, and Facebook.


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