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How to Avoid a Bad Actor - Choosing an Outbound Company that Delivers 20% - Mari Anne Vanella

There are bad actors in the Outbound Telemarketing industry, especially on the B2C side, that gives the B2B Telemarketing companies fits of frustration.  In this interview with Mari Anne Vanella, CEO, and Founder of the Vanella Group, she explores how to find and screen a "calling" company that meets B2B standards of excellence. 

Mari Anne Vanella, the host of Outstanding Outbound and SLMA Radio commentator Paul Roberts, explores how to choose and create a successful relationship with an outbound calling company that will give you a 20% return.  They discuss the sins of the industry and the benefits of working with a company that knows B2B enterprise relationship building.  They touch upon:

  • Cold Calling is not dead, it's just fake news
  • How to successfully outsource outbound calling
  • The difference between internally employed SDRs and outsourced professionals
  • Why nobody is closing deals on social
  • Why most companies pay inexperienced SDRs as little as possible and they get what they pay for
  • The sins of a false-peer call and lying from bad actors
  • Why going cheap on outbound calling increases risk of failure

Mari Anne Vanella

Mari Anne Vanella has 25+ years of sales and business management experience. As Founder/CEO of sales development firms in Silicon Valley, her organizations have consistently delivered long-term, successful sales development programs to high tech and services industries across the United States.

Mari Anne's background includes successful performance as Vice President and Director at companies such as The EC Company (now ADX), PictureTalk, a subsidiary of Drake International (one of the world's largest IT solution and staffing firms), Global Knowledge, and at Skyline Computer Corporation, where she led the Cisco Training Products organization to a #5 position in the country within one year. Before these, she founded Procom, a sales development firm based in the Silicon Valley serving customers such as State Farm Insurance, Waddell & Reed, and many others.

Mari Anne Vanella hosted outstanding Outbound and sponsored by The Vanella Group on the Funnel Radio Channel.

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