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Funnel Radio Line-up June 13


9 am INSIDE Inside Sales by VanillaSoft with host, Darryl Praill

Guest: Scott Einaugler
Customizing Your Path

9:30 am Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify with host, Patrick Morrissey

Guest: Paul Ross, Centeio
ABM – Complete bullsh*t or the key to sales and marketing alignment

10 am WVU Marketing Communications Today by West Virginia University with host, Michael Lynch

Guest: Kelly Ann Collins, CEO Vult Lab
Social Media for Social Change

10:30 SLMA Radio by Funnel Media Group with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Ellen Rudy, Larry Wildermuth
Why End of Life Conversation Makes Life Itself Easier

11 am CRM Radio by GoldMine with host, Paul Petersen

Guest: Andrea Waltz, Keynote Speaker, Co-author, Go for NO!

11:30 am Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing with host, Matt Heinz

Guest: Ryan Luckin, VP Marketing LevelTen Energy
Balancing Brand and Demand: How to drive short and long term marketing objectives

12 pm LeadGenius Radio by LeadGenius with host, Jeff Kostermans

Guest: Daniel Gaugler, CMO
Everything Old is New Again: Direct Mail

12:30 pm Table Fries by with host, Jeanne Hopkins

Guest: Krista Pappas
Are we on a rocketship?

1 pm Agile Operations Podcast by with host, Mike Volpe

Guest: Karen Rubin
1E5: The Real MVP: Minimum Viable Process

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