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Marketers are the Real Creators of Wealth in B2B Companies

Without the Marketer, Most B2B Companies Would be Regional Door Knockers

"Nothing happens until the sale is made," is most often quoted as a lead-in to praising salespeople. And the speaker is almost right, but we know that deep in our B2B marketing hearts, it all starts sooner than that.

Stu-tell-young-peopleWhy it's Important

"In B2B, nothing happens until the marketer creates demand. Without the marketer most B2B companies would be regional door knockers; they would not be able to go beyond the reach of their salespeople. Marketing in B2B companies creates Wealth. Real wealth. Hardcore, measurable, bottom line profitable dollars that drives the growth of our 11,000,000 plus businesses in the US."

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Funnel Radio Line-up May 23



9 am INSIDE Inside Sales by VanellaSoft with host, Darryl Praill
Guest: Matt Hayman
The Sales Rep's Secret Weapon is... Marketing - Part 2

9:30 am Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify with host Patrick Morrissey
Guest: Jane Freeman, VP of Sales Excellence, SDL.
Unleashing the entire revenue team to solve customer problems

10 am WVU MCToday by West Virginia University with host Matthew Cummings
Guest: Chazz Clevinger
Marketing & Issue Advocacy: Leveraging Your Stakeholders on Policy Issues

10:30 am Outstanding Outbound by The Vanella Group with host, Mari Anne Vanella
Guest: Michael Fox, Senior District Sales Manager, NICE inContact
How Customer Experience Starts With Sales

11 am CRM Radio by GoldMine CRM with host Paul Petersen
Guest: Colleen Stanley

11:30 am Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing with host, Matt Heinz
Guest: Phil Harrell
New Research/Insights from SiriusDecisions Summit 2019

12 pm LeadGenius Radio by LeadGenius with host, Mark Godley
Guest: Theresa Kushner
What is the B-2-Me Revolutionary Concept?

12:30 pm Table Fries by with host, Jeanne Hopkins
Guest: Rachel Neasham
Do more push-ups!

1 pm Agile Operations Podcast by with host, Mike Volpe
Guest: Hiten Shah
S1E4: Achieving Organizational Self-Awareness

Email Programs are Failing, Dismal, Weak and Ineffective says Laurie Beasley

How to Improve email copy and Response Rates

Most email programs are failing, dismal, weak and ineffective says Laurie Beasley.   OK, that's what we took away from listening to this program, but Laurie doesn't just tell us what's wrong, she tells us what to do about it.  

Failure is usually the result of poor copy writing (subject line and body) that leads to low opening rates and truncated sales. 

The B2B buyer and consumer are not stupid, she says (quoting David Ogilvy). 

In this podcast Laurie reminds us of the Six Universal Buying Motives which, when used religiously will lead to higher opening rates and more qualified prospects.

Managing email marketing technology has its daily challenges she believes, which take up a lot of the creative effort for email programs.  We must return, she says to the benefits of product features and the reasons why people buy.  She implores copywriters to think about what the prospect’s perspective is and not what the product managers and engineers have surmised.

These six universal buying motives are also covered in her blog: Improving Email Copy and Response Rates by Incorporating the Six Universal Buying Motives.

About our guest host:

20190509-slma-tweet-beasleyLAURIE B. BEASLEY is co-founder and president of Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc. which provides services in inbound and outbound marketing including:  content creation, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), website design, media planning/public relations, direct mail marketing, lead generation and nurture campaigns, marketing automation management, and database management for both B2B and B2C companies. Ms. Beasley serves as president and online marketing certification instructor for the Direct Marketing Association of Northern California. She also speaks on online marketing and demand generation topics for several marketing organizations, including the DMA, BMA, and AMA.


SLMA Radio is published by the Sales Lead Management Association each week since July, 2010.  Its hosts have interviewed over 650 executives on 502 programs with 108,000 listeners.  It is the longest running program on the Funnel Radio Channel

Funnel Radio Line-up May 16


9 am INSIDE Inside Sales with host Darryl Praill
Guest: Matt Hayman
The Sales Rep's Secret Weapon is... Marketing?

9:30 am Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify with host Patrick Morrissey
Guest: Helen Harwood
Revenue Optimization – Getting started with Account Planning

10 am WVU Marketing Communications Today by West Virginia University with host, Gina Martino-Dahlia
Guest: Joe LaMuraglia
PR and Data: How to Use Data to Define and Refine Your Strategy

10:30 am SLMA Radio by Funnel Media Group with host Obermayer
Commentary with Paul Roberts
Why Marketing is in the Most Powerful Position in 100 Years

11 am CRM Radio by GoldMine CRM with host, Stacy Gentile
Guest: Dora Lutz, GivingSpring
The Aspirational Business Model/ Social Innovation

11:30 am Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing with host, Matt Heinz
Guest: Manny Medina
Sales Pipeline Mistakes

12 pm Asher Sales Sense by ASHER STRATEGIES with host, Kyla O'Connell
Guest: Steve Brazell
Brand Big: The Laws Leaders Use to Win

12:30 pm Growthbound B2B by DiscoverOrg with guest host: Steve Bryerton, DiscoverOrg
Natalie Nathanson, Magnetude Consulting
The Growth Perspective: Marketing vs. Sales

1 pm Road Warrior Radio by with host, Ryan Ball
Guest: Steve McKenzie
Teach, Tailor and Take Control

If you are grouchy or mean, there will be a $25 charge for putting up with you.

It sounds funny, but there is, or should be, a price to pay when we are less than pleasant, respectful, kind toward those we have hired to do a job. Just because we pay people doesn't give us the right to be rude, irritable, condescending or mean.

I am reminded of this by my children when the seventh junk call of the day comes thr Bad Clientough and interrupts my day because it has a spoofed area code that "may be someone I want to talk to."

They remind me that people don't typically set out to take terrible jobs because they get joy from it. They do it to put food on the table. Take that up to professionals we hire for accounting, our legal needs, sales training. They welcome you into their office in hopes that they can help you solve a problem, help make you more money and lessen your burdens. This is difficult when you arrive in attack mode carrying the weight of your day or week, misunderstandings, or even fear. Stop. Breathe. 

Check their motives and be reminded they want to help. When they succeed for you, you'll tell others - hopefully - and they will get new clients. They are motivated to help you succeed.

Check your own space. Before a meeting, make sure you aren't hangry, tired or worked up due to low blood sugar, new meds or your previous meeting, phone call, text or email. 


A client of mine has this sign on her desk. She says that in five years she's only had to invoke it once on a client's invoice. It immediately disarms those sitting with her in her office and usually makes them smile, take a deep breath and usually a photo of the sign.


I think the fee is low, but it would cover a decent lunch to recover from being berated, attacked or disrespected. 

Pulling my own covers, recently a solicitor came to the door. We have a "No soliciting" sign on our gate. It was a rough afternoon, and I was less than kind as the dog was barking, phone was ringing and I was already on a call. I was very rude, all but slammed the door and told him to read the sign. I saw my children's faces - as they were in my home office during summer - and I knew I was not a great model of ideal behavior. I walked out the door, found the man and apologized. No, I didn't listen to his pitch, but I wished him well. He was stunned and truly appreciated it. He had had a rough day too of trying to remain friendly as he did his job.

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Funnel Radio Line-up May 9


Hosts include Darryl Praill, Patrick Morrissey, Michael Lynch, Laurie Beasley, Stacy Gentile, Matt Heinz, Zeb Couch,  Jeanne Hopkins, and Mike Volpe. Individual shows are linked below for replays if you arrive late.

Listen LIVE starting at 9 am >

9 am INSIDE Inside Sales by VaniullaSoft with host, Darryl Praill

Guest: Andy Paul
Increased Earnings Start with Increased Learnings

9:30 am Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify with host Patrick Morrissey

Guest: Nicole France, VP of Research, Constellation Research
Everyone’s business is the business of selling experience

10 am WVU Marketing Communications Today by West Virginia University with host, Michael Lynch

Guest: Anthony Juliano
LinkedIn In Higher Education

10:30 am SLMA Radio with guest host, Laurie Beasley

11 am CRM Radio by GoldMine with host Stacy Gentile

Guest: Trish Bertuzzi

11:30 am Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing with host, Matt Heinz

Guest: Raymond Ivory
Sales Enablement in the Wild: How blauckbaud is Improving Sales Productivity & Impact

12 pm LeadGenius Radio with host, Zeb Couch

Guest: Erik Taylor
Improve Efficiency In the Sales Process

12:30 pm Table Fries. by with host, Jeanne Hopkins

Guest: Krissy Robertson
The Art of Staying Hungry

1 pm Agile Operations Podcast by with host, Mike Volpe

Guest: Christina Luconi
Creating a Culture that Scales

Funnel Radio Line-up May 2


Listen live starting at 9 am or catch replays while you wait.

9:00 INSIDE Inside Sales by VanillaSoft with host, Darryl Praill

Kevin Kelly
Have a Plan, Work the Plan

9:30 Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify with host, Patrick Morrissey

Patrick Morrissey Commentary on the Aragon Report
Customer Revenue Optimization - Automate sales or be left behind.

10:00 WVU Marketing Communications Today by West Virginia University with host, Matthew Cummings

Dan Hill, CEO Hill Impact
Learn Modern Branding Strategies Using Data

10:30 Revenue Rebels by DemandLab with host, Rhoan Morgan

11:00 CRM Radio by Goldmine CRM with host, Paul Petersen

David Priemer, Cerebral Selling

11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing with host, Matt Heinz

Karen Steele
The Rise of Revenue Operations: How an Integrated Approach Can Accelerate Results

12:00 Asher Sales Sense by Asher Strategies with host, John Asher

Shawn Doyle
Goal Setting for Results: Close Deals Faster

12:30 Funnel Radio by Funnel Media Group with host, James Obermayer

Bryan Bennett, Healthcare Center for Excellence
How to Use Your Leadership Superpowers

1:00 Road Warrior Radio by with host Ryan Ball

Todd M. Kaylor
You Have Permission to Tell on Yourself