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The Benefits of Swapping Out Tech Stack Applications - Jim Gearhart and Mark Godley Podcast

Mark Godley puts Jim Gearhart, Senior Director, Enterprise Business Applications & Development at Zendesk, in the hot seat to discuss how many component technologies are needed for sales and marketing. 

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Top 5 Treatments for Sales Fungus

Women Hand EyeSales Fungus, identified as a disease state in March of 2019[i], affects salespeople and sales managers.  It hampers sales performance (quota failure), leading to job losses and hundreds of millions of dollars in lost sales opportunities.

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Personal Branding - How to Stand Out in the Crowd

The business world is adjusting to a new and growing distinguishing factor… the rise of the personal brand. Access to global audiences via social media has enabled individuals to market themselves like never before. But do I even have a story to tell? Yes you do!
Everyone has a story to tell. But developing an impactful personal brand platform requires an understanding of the meaningful touch-points that can provide value to others. In this podcast we will discuss what constitutes a distinct contribution, review strategies on how to stand out among chosen audiences, and begins to frame out and approach for building a body of work that cements your foundation in your specific area of influence. 
About our guest:
Hugo Pérez - Chief Creative Strategist
Local Boy Creative @newzdude
As a seasoned digital marketer, Hugo Pérez has dedicated himself to developing brand stories that hit their mark on any channel to any audience. He focuses on finding the compelling thread in brand stories that make consumer connections come to life. His personal story weaves across agencies and firms of all types, fueled by wide-ranging global experiences.
Hugo specializes in thought leadership, creative ideation, brand innovation, and 360-communications strategies. As a digital native, his unique points of view and creative skills have allowed him to lead content strategies that have impacted all types of audiences for wide-ranging clients including Starbucks, Taco Bell, Turtle Wax, Cricket Wireless, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Allstate, MTV, Mars Inc., Frito-Lay, and AT&T.
While in leadership roles at various PR/advertising/marketing agencies, he has launched new initiatives focused on multicultural marketing, shopper marketing, pharma social media, and content strategy and creation. Hugo is also an independent filmmaker, having producing three different award-winning short films, and currently working on the development of his company's first feature film.

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