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How Revenue Ops Brings Sales and Marketing Together - Finally - Podcast Muratovic and Morgan

Rhoan Morgan interviews Tijana Muratovic in this short podcast.

Getting sales and marketing teams to work together as a team has always been difficult.   It's obvious, you'd think, and yet walking the talk is more difficult.  The problem is solved with the rise of revenue operations and the role of Chief Revenue Officer, which brings synergy between revenue-generating teams like marketing and sales. This program covers:

  • Sales and marketing operational roles
  • The rapidly changing nature of sales enablement
  • Why customer engagement  benefits from sales revenue operations

This episode of Revenue Rebels examines the role of revenue operations in advancing marketing and sales alignment and explores the impact of this effort across business teams. Rhoan Morgan, CEO of DemandLab, talks with Tijana Muratovic, Director, Sales Operations & Enablement at Fiix Software to discuss how the rise of revenue operations is guiding marketing and sales towards true alignment.

About our guest: Tijana Muratovic

A true problem-solver at heart, Tijana has a strong history and passion for building revenue functions and teams from scratch. Dedicated to the world of B2B technology, specifically SaaS, her career started on the marketing side of the revenue generation engine. While she always appreciated the creative side of marketing, as a very results-driven individual, she embraced very early on marketing automation and the measurable aspects of marketing. This led her to her first role in Sales Operations and Enablement, an area that has become her true passion. A lifelong learner and also a dedicated mentor, Tijana is one of the founding members of the Sales Enablement Society's Toronto chapter, and a very active contributor to the Revenue Operations Network.


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Revenue Rebels is hosted by Rhoan Morgan and the program is sponsored by DemandLab.

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