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Customer Revenue Optimization Research 2019 from Altify

CROBenchmark2019-225x300 Slma-recommended-187Title:   Customer Revenue Optimization

Subtitle:  Benchmark Study 2019    Unlock Revenue Gowth by Providing A Better Customer Experience

Published by/Authors:  Altify

Gated: Yes

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Length:  26 Pages


The report gives the reader a window into the thinking and priorities of businesses and executives for 2019 with an emphasis on marketing and sales leadership and execution. 

The sample size is large enough to have a small error rate of less than 5% although the revenues of those reporting makes a big impact on their strategic direction. There were 684 respondents, 33% executives, 40% managers and 27% individuals.

  • 28% work in companies with revenue over $1 Billion
  • 20% in mid-market or large firms with revenue between $100 million and $1 Billion
  • 28% in small companies: $10 million to $100 million
  • 24% in firms with revenue under $10 million

Further breakdowns are by gender, job titles, generational separations and geography.


  • Revenue growth shifts from customer retention to new customer acquisition – 7% gain from last year
  • Digital transformation and AI are disrupters
  • Sales Effectiveness is sought to drive revenue: strategy and execution need improvement
  • Customer Lifetime Value are increasingly important

SLMA Comments:   The report is broken into:

  • The Big Takeaway
  • Current Realities (5 pages of charts)
  • Sales Priorities: Effectiveness is the core. Charts cover:
    • Sales Effectiveness
    • Sales Competency
    • Sales Strategy and Execution Need Improvement
    • Revenue Optimization Presents a Massive Opportunity
    • Invest More in Your Sales Teams
    • Sales and Marketing Need to Align Around the Customer
    • Diversity has a Real Impact on Revenue
  • Customer Revenue Optimization
    • Increasing Sales Velocity and Revenue Capture
    • Improving Win Rate and Revenue Capture

Why it’s Important

What others are doing is important because others are most likely your competitors. 

Recommended for: 

  • President
  • C-Level Folks
  • CFO
  • CSO
  • CMO
  • Marketing Operations
  • Content Management and Creation
  • Product Management

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About Altify

Altify is the Customer Revenue Optimization company, helping businesses generate value and grow revenue. Providing best practices, methodology and technology, Altify helps revenue teams visualize customers and their desired outcomes, unlocking revenue growth and building sales excellence.

Built natively on the Salesforce platform, Altify’s CRO application helps thousands of salespeople, sales leaders and executives achieve sustained customer revenue optimization and sales success. Altify customers include: Autodesk, Bell Canada, BT, Comcast, GE, Workday, HP Enterprise, Johnson Controls, United Healthcare, Optum, Salesforce, and Western Union Business Services. Find out more at


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