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Why B2B Reps are Entrepreneurs Podcast with Dave Farrow and Mari Anne Vanella

Join host, Mari Anne Vanella as she welcomes Dave Farrow, Founder/CEO of Farrow Communications as he goes over why B2B sales reps must think like entrepreneurs.

Dave Farrow is best known for his brain power. Listed twice in the Guinness Book of Records for Greatest Memory, Dave is an entrepreneur who mastered PR to promote his own business. Most PR professionals have a background working in television BUT have no sales or entrepreneurial experience.

As for Dave, he took his skill in memory and developed several educational products and used PR as his primary sales tool. His results are impressive. Dave has personally been on over 2000 media interviews, including multiple appearances on Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey, the Today Show, Fox and Friends, CBS Early Show, Live! With Regis and Kelly, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, The CW, QVC, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, and more.

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Farrow Communications is a full-service public relation and digital marketing agency. Although based in Buffalo, NY, our clients hail from different time zones and country codes. With a diverse and multi-cultured team headed by Dave Farrow, we understand the little nuances and details needed for a campaign to succeed in your area of specialty and location. After all, our mission is to elevate your brand to a dependable and understandable concept that can truly resonate and ultimately, create die-hard followers. Yippee ki yay.


Outstanding Outbound is a program sponsored by The Vanella Group on SLMA Radio which is part of the Funnel Radio Channel. 

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