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Funnel Radio Line-up Feb 7


Expanding our day with the first episode of Road Warrior Radio at the end of the broadcast day 1pm Pacific. Darryl Praill welcome Dan Wardle of Vidyard talking about how video killed the radio star. Crack the code of sales enablement with Patrick Morrissey and Jim Lundy on Predictable Revenue Radio. Rhoan Morgan welcomes David Priemer discussing where the inside sales team live in your organization on Revenue Rebels. CRM Radio is a visit between host Paul Petersen and Jill Konrath. Alex Shootman talks about hitting your numbers the right way as he joins Matt Heinz on Sales Pipeline Radio. Chris Tully is on with John Asher: Get Breakthrough Sales Growth with an Injection of Outside Perspectives. And a big treat on Funnel Radio - Dan McDade joins Jim Obermayer discussing the Prospect Experience. It isn't marketing automation or CRM.

Listen live starting at 9am Pacific >

INSIDE Inside Sales with host Darryl Praill @VanillaSoft @ohpinion8ted
Guest: Dan Wardle, Vidyard @wardledan
Video Killed The Radio Star

Predictable Revenue Radio from ALTIFY with host, Pat Morrissey @PatMorrissey @altifyinc
Guest: Jim Lundy, CEO Aragon Research  @AragonResearch1 @JimLundy
Strategy Selling – Cracking the Code for Sales Enablement

Revenue Rebels by DemandLab with host, Rhoan Morgan
Guest: David Priemer @dpriemer
Where Should The Insides Sales Team Live Within Your Organization?

CRM Radio by GoldMine with host, Paul Petersen @goldminecrm
Jill Konrath @jillkonrath
Do Sales People Have Digital Dimentia?

Sales Pipeline Radio by @HeinzMarketing with host, Matt Heinz
Guest: Alex Shootman @shootman
Hitting Your Number and Doing it the Right Way: This and More advice from Workfront CEO Alex Shootman

Asher Sales Strategies with host, John Asher @ASHERSTRATEGIES
Guest: Chris Tully
Get Breakthrough Sales Growth with an Injection of Outside Perspectives

FUNNEL RADIO with host Jim Obermayer
Guest: Dan McDade
The Prospect Experience Isn’t Marketing Automation or CRM

Road Warrior Radio by Lola with host, Ryan Ball @LolaTravel
Guest: Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe: The Road Begins

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