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White Paper: Account Based Marketing - A New Approach

Slma-recommended-187Title:   Account Based Marketing

Subtitle:  A “New” Approach to Acquire & Grow B2B Customers: Part 1

Published by/Authors:  John Coe of B2B

Gated: No

Download:  A “New” Approach to Acquire & Grow B2B Customers.

Length:  6 Pages


This is Part One of a series on Account Based Marketing. This part covers three tactics that are needed as a how-to-do-it primer.  Part Two the author says will cover the ABM approach to current customers.   What you can expect by reading this:

  1. The 4 Major Benefits of ABM:
    1. Aligns Marketing with Sales
    2. Increased Sales and Marketing ROE (Return on Expense)
    3. Drives Sales Engagement and Responsiveness to campaigns and leads
    4. Effectively supplements the traditional lead generation model
  2. Three Hurdles to overcome:
    1. Finding accurate contact level data: 7 Ways
    2. Establishing the First Engagement with Targeted Contacts: 8 Important Guidelines
    3. Developing Offers that Work: Five Tips

SLMA Comments:   

This is less a white paper and more of a how-to-do-it guide of 3,000 plus words.  It is filled with solid advice and links to help the novice and the experienced marketer.  The hurdles John discusses are surprisingly open and honest about the pathway forward to create ABM campaigns.  

We found this white paper by attending a webinar sponsored by Jason Hubbard of SalesIntel Research Inc.

Hubbard has made the webinar and the deck for it available here.

Why it’s Important

This tome from well-known author John Coe is his usual honest approach about the guts of B2B lead generation and defining it for account based marketing.

Recommended for: 

  • CMO
  • Marketing Operations
  • Content Management and Creation
  • Product Management

Download: A “New” Approach to Acquire & Grow B2B Customers.


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