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Secrets to Partnering with Salesforce - Predictable Revenue Podcast

Everyone that’s anyone wants to partner with Salesforce. And while Salesforce ties to make to make it easy, there are secrets to make it successful. Our three guests today can help us with the tips and tricks to partnering with the largest CRM company in the world. Salesforce counts 150,000 companies as its customers in 1o0 countries. The guests are:

20190103-altify-douglas-murray-joo-tweetThis episode of Predictable Revenue Radio features a panel of experts including: 

  • Alexandra Douglas, Partner Account Director, Salesforce.
  • Kevin Murray, Director of Alliances, Traction on Demand. 
  • Helen Joo, VP Alliances, Altify.

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Predictable Revenue Radio, hosted by Patrick Morrissey, CMO at Altify is broadcast live bi-weekly on the Funnel Radio Channel. 

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