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The Future of Data is Really Bright - Santosh Sharan

For the final Data Dump episode of 2018, Mark Godley sits down with Santosh Sharan, CEO of Everstring, for the meeting of the CEO data industry minds! Mark drills down into his guests initial interest in the B2B data space and why he has stayed since his background is deeply seeded in machine learning, multilingual text, and analytics. 

The CEOs than to go on to discuss what modern B2B data vendors have in common and what their future holds. Join the podcast to hear a lively discussion of what the leaders believe to be true about the importance of data and how it is transforming our space and beyond.  

640x640-dd-20181213-sharanAbout EverString

EverString is a modern data company, that provides data, data science and intelligent apps in thesame offering. EverString Audience Platform combines applied data science, machine learning andartificial intelligence with the broadest set of data signals from more than 27 million companies.Please check us out at EverString is backed by leading investors includingLightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, IDG Ventures and Lakestar.

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