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December 2018

The Future of Data is Really Bright - Santosh Sharan

For the final Data Dump episode of 2018, Mark Godley sits down with Santosh Sharan, CEO of Everstring, for the meeting of the CEO data industry minds! Mark drills down into his guests initial interest in the B2B data space and why he has stayed since his background is deeply seeded in machine learning, multilingual text, and analytics. 

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How Many Leads Do You Need in 2019?

Ask a few dozen CMO's how they determine how many leads he or she needs to create for the forecast and the answers vary from a guess to science based on formulas.  In this program with Chris Ryan we ask a proven CMO, author and lead generation expert how he determines how many leads are enough for his clients. 

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Funnel Radio Line-up December 20


Wake up with Glenn Davis, Sr. VP, Growth Execution and Client Engagement UnitedHealth Group on Predictable Revenue Radio at 9am Live. Has Technology Crushed the Art and Discipline of Sales? Kevin Dunworth, CEO/Founder Celling Sciences, CEO Celling Biosciences is on Ready, Set, Grow! with Laura Patterson. Nancy Nardin joins Sales Enablement Radio, Got an Inferiority Complex about Sales Enablement? Matt Gorniak is Matt's Guest on Sales Pipeline Radio, How to Optimize Reviews to Accelerate Sales for Your B2B Products. Kyla O'Connell welcomes Hube Hopkins to talk about Achieving Aggressive Growth Goals with Digital Marketing. Our live broadcast day ends with DiscoverORG's president and host, Katie Bullard, Matt Wheeler, CEO of QualifiedMEETINGS discussing How to take your business from under $100M in revenue to over $100M in revenue. Listen at 9am: or catch replay links below.

20181220-tweet-altify-davis9:00 Predictable Revenue Radio by Altify with host, Patrick Morrissey

Glenn Davis, Vice President of Growth Execution and Client Retention, Optum
Has Technology Crushed the Art and Discipline of Sales?

20181220-tweet-rsg-dunworth10:30 Ready, Set, Grow! by Vision Edge Marketing with host, Laura Patterson

Guest: Kevin Dunworth, CEO Celling Biosciences 

Brevet-tweet-nardin11:00 Sales Enablement Radio by The Brevet Group with host, Brian Williams

Guest: Nancy Nardin
Got an Inferiority Complex about Sales Enablement?


Tweets-instream-images-800x600-Gorniak11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing with host, Matt Heinz

Guest: Matt Gorniak, G2Crowd
How to Optimize Reviews to Accelerate Sales for Your B2B Products

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20181220-asher-kyla-hopkins12:00 Asher Sales Sense by Asher Sales Strategies with host, Kyla O'Connell

Guest: Hube Hopkins, Founder and President, WSI B2B Marketing 
Achieving Aggressive Growth Goals with Digital Marketing

DiscoverOrg-Podcast-40M_to_120M-Matt_Wheeler-880x44012:30 Growthbound B2B Radio by DiscoverORG with host, Katie Bullard

Guest: Matt Wheeler, CEO of QualifiedMEETINGS
How to take your business from under $100M in revenue to over $100M in revenue.

Ernest Hemingway said "Never mistake motion for action,”

Generating a bunch of inquiries and leads without a consideration for lead follow-up and nurturing …I consider that to be ‘motion.’ ‘Action’ occurs when you have a system in place to ensure 100% follow-up of the results over an extended time (an average sales cycle).



Without a Sales Lead Management Process, Marketing Plans are Fantasies


When inquiries are abandoned by sales reps at still alarming rates (75-90% are said to be never followed-up by a sales representative), the marketing department has had to pick up the chore by lead nurturing.   Lead nurturing isn't new, it started in earnest in the early 90's. 

I know for a fact - the companies that nurture and follow-up 100% of their inquiries and turn what is “turn-able” into leads sell more than those that don’t; 200%-400% more is not uncommon.  If you want proof, review any of the marketing automation stats, back by thier research.    If you want to learn more, try Hubspots free training course on sales lead management. 

There is enough research from the marketing automation companies to know that this is no longer just an opinion, but established fact. If you want to get the greatest return on your lead generation ‘spend,’ you have two choices:

1. Salespeople must follow-up 100% of the inquiries and not give up until the inquirer says they have bought or will not be buying.

2. Marketing will nurture the inquiry until it is ready to turn over to Sales, or will nurture it during the salesperson’s follow-up process. The two departments will be co-equals in pursuing the inquiries/leads until the person buys or dies.

Marketing has been increasingly inserting itself deeper into the sales funnel. While both Sales and Marketing are responsible for ‘action,’ Marketing needs to take the lead in determining who will do what and in establishing the timetable.

Have you mistaken motion for action?

More about Marketing and the Sales Funnel

Who Owns the Pipeline? Marketing or Sales? – Matt Heinz on SLMA Live Radio

Marketing’s Role is to “Follow the Money”

Why are sales professionals afraid of the phone?


The trend toward "Where's Waldo?" websites that hide company contact information has spilled over into email signatures. Let's take a poll: Who still uses email? Ahhhh, many hands go up. It's not going anywhere. Although more professionals, especially younger ones, skip the entire phone number element altogether, "Best, Cameron" isn't enough and that's not a signature.

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Does Marketing Have a Role on the Revenue Team?

Most sales people think if they just had more leads from marketing, they would close more deals. The reality is much more complex and marketing done right is part of the revenue team. Today we’re going to discuss customer acquisition, the marketing to sales hand-off and how to find the signals that turn suspects into revenue…and we might talk a little about Notre Dame Football and the BCS. Today's guest is Guy Weismantel.  The host is Patrick Morrissey. 

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Getting Started as a Podcaster

Podcasts continue to be a hot digital vehicle to reach at-work and away from work listeners. As webinars have waned in usefulness, radio podcasts have surged as the digital media with long tails to build thought leadership, a personal brand and a network that knows of you and your company. It is a friendly, entertaining, non-threatening, fountain of information. 

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