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Leads to Profit: Managing Your Lead and Keeping Them Interested

There comes a point when you lose interest in a career you spent a lifetime building, or just letting go of that dream project because you’re not feeling it anymore. What happened to your dream of being a pilot or an astronaut or a firefighter when you were a kid? There’s a lot of reasons people lose interest and motivation as life happens around them, and in the world of marketing, that is called lead mismanagement.

Businesses try so hard to generate leads, or prospects, in order to grow their revenue and sustain their brand. But getting these leads is an entirely different thing from keeping them. When you get an inquiry from a potential customer, how do you handle them and how do you keep them interested? This is where it gets complicated because nurturing customer relationships takes more than just giving them an automated reply.

A study revealed that 48% of salespeople quit after the first contact, while 90% quit at the fourth. This means only 10% are especially persistent, which is very rewarding considering that 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact. Why does this happen? Maybe the one in charge of lead generation was looking at the wrong person, or maybe because the lead isn’t fully ready yet, as in it is not ready to make a sale. Whatever it is, persistence is key. But other than that, there are other things that marketers can do in order to manage their leads properly, keep them interested, and who knows, maybe they will even become loyal customers. 

Don’t keep them waiting 

Women looking mobile phonePhoto courtesy of antonynjoro via Pixabay

People are becoming increasingly impatient. They don’t like waiting, and they definitely take it personally when they are ignored.

A study from Autodeal about car dealership response time showed that dealers who responded in 6 hours or less achieved an average 40% improvement in conversion rate. And as response time shortens, the probability of making a sale improves. In fact, dealers responding in an hour or less are 48% more likely to close a sale. This only goes to show that the quality of your response is as important as the time you took to respond.

Customer response time shows how a company values its customers. If the customers feel they are being neglected, they will surely bring their business elsewhere. Poor response time means poor customer service, and ultimately will cost a company its customers and revenue.

Track your leads

How the leads were generated is a fairly important question. It is only by knowing where they came from will you have an idea of where they’re going.

There are many ways to source these leads, such as inbound marketing, organic search, paid ads, referrals, etc. If you know how they were generated, it will be a bit easier for you to know what will work for them. For example, if you know that a lead was generated out of a paid ad on promos and discounts, you’ll know which leads to tap the next time you have similar activities. They probably aren’t ready to make a sale on the first contact, but they are likely to be thinking about it.

Pass the lead to the proper person

People-fist-bumpPhoto courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

In managing a team, it doesn’t matter how talented or how skilled an employee is. If you put him in a position that is not fit for him, all his skills and talents are put to waste. Such is the case in lead management. If you assign the lead to someone ill-equipped to manage and nurture it, let’s just say you risk losing potential customers and profit.

This is where lead distribution comes in. Well-distributed leads increase the probability of converting these leads. Remember that each lead is different, and it needs a special team or person to handle it. In short, you have to play the matchmaker. For starters, you can match based on skills, geography or location, or niche and expertise.

Once distributed, track the progress and outcomes of the assigned leads. No one is expected to perfect the process all at once; monitoring and constant collaboration is necessary so you’ll know both strong points and weak points that you can use later on.                                                                                                                                                                         

Nurture your leads, don’t give up too easily

Business-dealPhoto courtesy of rawpixel via Pixabay

Just like in life, some things take a little more time than others. But do you give up on a dream just because of a temporary setback?

You need to nurture those dreams. In marketing, you need to nurture leads that takes a while to be sales-ready. A study by SiriusDecisions found that 80% of those marketers consider to be bad leads go on to make a purchase within two years.

Another study by Autodeal also showed that failure to nurture high funnel leads, or customers who are still canvassing from different dealers, are having a negative impact on conversion rate. This is because opportunities are being missed, and that marketers and salespeople gave up too easily.

What you need to do is to discover opportunities in bad leads, and continue fostering a healthy customer relationship by moving your leads along the sales process, giving them relevant content, and maintaining a connection.

Measure success (or failure)

Technology has made it so easy to measure how successful (or unsuccessful) a digital marketing campaign is. All your efforts will go to waste if you don’t monitor and measure, and ultimately understand what these algorithms are all about. Remember that in a quickly evolving virtual world the room for improvement just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Leads are prospects, and they deserve to be treated like a valued customer. You have to engage them and bring them in, you have to make them want to stay, and you want to make them want to come back. You have to take care of them. While strategies can be quite mechanical and impersonal, the usual values of a great sales person or marketer should pay off: persistence, creativity, and genuine care.

Qaqish Reveals How Strategic Marketing Ops Impacts Revenue

Debbie Qaqish to Reveal Vital Impact of STRATEGIC Marketing Operations on Revenue during Pedowitz Group’s November 7th Webinar

 2018 Webinar Series Generates Record Interest

ATLANTA (October 26, 2018) – Revenue Marketing™ Agency, The Pedowitz Group (TPG), announces its next webinar, Rise of the Strategic Marketing Operation  Function, on Wednesday, November 7 at 2:00 pm ET – During the 30 minute session, TPG’s Chief Strategy Officer, Debbie Qaqish, will reveal why today’s B2B marketing organization must create a strategic marketing operations (MO) function to drive revenue and thrive on a global stage.  This webinar is based on Debbie’s wildly popular presentation at the 2018 MarTech East Conference in Boston, hosted by Scott Brinker.   Register here to attend the webinar.

Attendees will learn:
>            Key differences between regular and strategic MO and why it matters to executives
>            Five stages of maturity to achieve a strategic MO function

To illustrate her points, Debbie will share two compelling case studies from Verint’s VP of Marketing Operations, Dan Brown, and Alex Simoes, Senior Director of Business Enablement, Sysco LABS.   

“MO has quickly become a competitive advantage and differentiator. Driven by the requirement to demonstrate financial results, the need for companywide digital transformation and the pressure to pivot to customer intimacy as a strategy, marketing is under enormous pressure to deliver,” notes Debbie.  “In this environment, the CMO must apply left-brained thinking to solve increasingly complex and challenging situations.” 

TPG’s November webinar is part of a monthly webinar program launched earlier this year.  The Customer Journey webinars each attracted hundreds of registrants indicating the importance of these topics to marketing executives.

“Marketing Operations (MO) is core to becoming customer-centric.  The high conversion rates from the webinars prove unequivocally that that MO is a topic that resonates strongly with today’s marketer,” notes TPG CMO, Kevin Joyce.  “Our webinars deliver sage, applicable advice on how to build and optimize a strategic Marketing Operations function and operationalize the customer experience.”

The December webinar, presented by Debbie, will focus on MO maturity – Other webinars this year have embraced customer-centricity as the underlying theme, and include: Adjusting your 2019 Budgets for Customer Centricity; Mapping the Customer Journey, Quantifying the Customer Journey, Who Owns the Customer Journey and others.   Download and listen to them here.

About the Speaker

Debbie Qaqish inspires others to embrace revenue accountability.  She has been helping B2B companies drive revenue growth for over 35 years.  As Principal Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of TPG, Debbie manages global client relationships and leads the firm’s thought leadership initiatives.

Debbie is author of the award winning book – “Rise of the Revenue Marketer,” Chancellor of Revenue Marketing University, and host of  Revenue Marketing Radio, which showcases marketing executives from companies like GE and Microsoft sharing advice on marketing transformation.  Her second book, “Rise of Marketing Operations” is due out in fall 2018.   A PhD candidate, Debbie also teaches an MBA course at College of William & Mary on Revenue Marketing. 

For the last six years, Debbie has been named One of the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management. She has also won SLMA’s Top 20 Women to Watch distinction for four years.  Kapost named Debbie among the Top 40 Most Inspiring Women in Marketing.  FierceCMO Magazine named Debbie one of the Top 10 Women CMOs to Watch.

Debbie writes a regular column for AMA B2B Insights, MarTech Today, MarTech Advisor and MarTech Series. She also contributes to other publications such as MarketingProfs, Chief Marketer and  Debbie speaks regularly at industry events including Scott Brinker’s MarTech Conferences. She also serves on the Board of Advisors for the Sales Lead Management Association.    

About The Pedowitz Group – Connecting Marketing to Revenue™


The Pedowitz Group (TPG) wrote the book and is the undisputed thought leader on Revenue

Marketing™.  As a partner, TPG helps companies plan, build and optimize their revenue engine

by delivering services in MarTech, demand generation and marketing operations.  TPG believes

Marketing is the driver of customer engagement that fuels the revenue engine. The

Pedowitz Group customers have won over 50 national awards for their Revenue Marketing

excellence. To discover how TPG can help your organization become a successful Revenue

Marketer™, visit, call 855-REV-MKTG or

visit Revenue Marketer Blog.


Methodology is the Requirement for Customer Experience - Sunny Bliss and Pat Morrissey


Success in selling is all about understanding people and problems. But the best of the best take it to another level by delivering exceptional customer experiences. Sunny Bliss joins Predictable Revenue Radio to talk about what exceptional in sales and account management looks like, the importance of methodology and how to craft a successful sales presentation.

Sunny is Director of Strategic Accounts at New Voice Media, the cloud contact center designed for Designed for the needs of sales and support teams, New Voice Media designs solutions to help companies make their customers feel great every time.

About NewVoiceMedia

Over 700 primarily mid-market and enterprise customers rely on NewVoiceMedia for a range of customer engagement use cases, from inbound customer support to outbound sales, including worldwide brands like Adobe, Siemens, Time Inc., FundingCircle, and Rapid7. The company has also announced several recent victories including being named by Forbes for the third consecutive year as one of the world’s top cloud companies and honoured in the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100, an annual league table which ranks Britain’s technology, media and telecoms companies with the fastest-growing sales.

About Sunny Bliss

When Passion is Present, Success Will Follow!   My passion for understanding, learning and sharing the nuances in providing exceptional customer experiences for clients and their clients can be seen with every career choice I have made. I would describe myself as energetic, motivated, hard working and relationship focused. I love to be with clients and peers in a collaborative environment, a meeting of the minds to work towards goals, success and sustainability. I enjoy inspiring others and being inspired. One of my favorite expressions is "The only thing constant is change" Change represents opportunity and we all have a choice--I always choose to embrace it and roll with it.



Sales Enablement in a time of disruption

Funnel Radio Line-up October 25


Starting at 9am Pac: David Dulany of Tenbound is Darryl Praill's guest on INSIDE Inside Sales. Mari Anne Vanella launches Outstanding Outbound with her guest, Joe Brown of kare. Anthony Iannarino joins Paul Petersen on CRM Radio. Matt Heinz discusses Style vs Function: The Importance of Design and UX in B2B Applications with his guest, Andrew Hally.

Susan Finch shares with you the next book for your nightstand that is completely highlighter worthy as she welcomes authors Tom Williams and Tom Saine to talk about their book, The Seller's Challenge: How Top Sellers Master 10 Deal Killing Obstacles in B2B Sales. Cyndi Greenglass wraps up the broadcast day with morning news anchor, Angela An as they give you tips on how to turn statistics into a story.


880x440-tweet-iis-dulany9:00 am Pac: INSIDE Inside Sales with host, Darryl Praill @vanillasoft @ohpinion8ted 

Guest: David Dulany, Founder/CEO Tenbound  @tenbound @DKDINSF
Topic: Do You Have a Mindset for Success?


20181025-tweet-oo-brown10:30 am Pac: Outstanding Outbound on SLMA Radio with host, Mari Anne Vanella @vanellagroup

Guest: Joe Brown, SVP WW Sales for Kare @karehq
Topic: Where AI Fits Into The Big Picture of Sales


20181025-tweet-crm-iannarino11:00 am Pacific: CRM Radio by Goldmine CRM with host, Paul Petersen @goldminecrm

Guest: Anthony Iannarino @iannarino
Topic: The Most Important 6 Word Question a Sales Reps Can Ask


Tweets-instream-images-800x600-hally11:30 am Pac: Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz, @heinzmarketing

Guest: Andrew Hally @andrewjhally 
Topic: Style vs Function: The Importance of Design and UX in B2B Applications

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Tweet-rooted-sellers-challenge12:00 pm Pac: Rooted in Revenue with host, Susan Finch, @susanfinchweb

Guests: Tom Williams, Tom Saine authors
Book: The Seller's Challenge


Podcast_an_0112:30 pm Pac: WVU Marketing Communications Today with host, Cyndi Greenglass @directchick @wvutoday

Guest: Angela An, Morning News Anchor
Topic: Turning Statistics into a Story


Lou Holtz: "When all is said and done, more is said than done!”

IStock_000015514300SmallLou Holtz, the legendary football coach said this,* and how true it is in the sales lead management industry. In spite of all of the software tools available and the lip service given to proving the ROI for sales leads, I see marginally few marketing managers step forward to actually prove lead gen ROI.  They have good intent, they say they're going to get to it, maybe this year, as soon as the salespeople cooperate, but then again maybe next year.  

It’s discussed and hammered on in webinars, seminars and workshops, and by keynote speakers and vendors. It’s included in most proposals by CRM and marketing automation companies. So why is it talked about more than it is done? 

Samuel Johnson said, 

“Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

What this means for the marketing manager is that if the CEO has the guts to call marketing management in and demand an ROI or the marketing manager will be hanged (fired), it might clear his or her mind wonderfully well. 

I have learned that there are basically two reasons people don’t do something: they don’t know how or they don’t want to. Often, these issues are interconnected. When it comes to lead management and marketing ROI, there are subsets of these two thoughts:

• They don’t know how to measure the ROI.

•  They don’t want to measure the ROI for lead generation.

• Being held accountable is not their first choice.

• No one asked them to be accountable.

• They don’t know it can be done.

• Fear of the results.

• They don’t have the tools.

• They don’t know how to use the tools they have.

• They don’t have control over salespeople who report on results.

Why it Matters: 

"In spite of this fear, doubt and uncertainty, I have seen very few lead generation programs that, when measured for sales results, fail to produce a sufficient margin to make the investment worthwhile."

James Obermayer

I believe that marketing managers must have the courage of their convictions to prove that lead generation budgets are well spent. Because the tools are there for measuring the lead generation ROI, it IS possible to measure it. This is settled science.

In a previous blog entry, I said it’s “Time to stop cussing the mule and load the wagon.”    It isn’t difficult; you just have to make the decision that you’ll do it to the best of your ability, stop talking and start doing. You’ll find your job to be more secure and satisfying when you do. and you may avoid a hanging in a fortnight. 


Funnel Radio Line-up October 18


We have expanded to 6 shows weekly. Four different lineups. Today's shows include: Predictable Revenue Radio by Altify, Ready, Set, Grow! by Vision Edge Marketing, Sales Enablement Radio by The Brevet Group, Sales Pipeline Radio by Heinz Marketing, ASHER Sales Sense by Asher Sales Strategies and finally, Rooted in Revenue by Susan Finch Solutions. Listen live starting at 9am Pac.

Visit any of the shows below to catch up on replays before they air live or listen to the full line up.

20181018-altify-bliss9:00 am Pac: Predictable Revenue Radio by Alitfy with host, Patrick Morrissey @PatMorrissey

Guest: Sunny Bliss, Director of Strategic Accounts, New Voice Media @NewVoiceMedia
Topic: Sales Excellence with Exceptional Customer Experiences


10:30 am Pac:

Ready, Set, Grow! with host, Laura Patterson @lauravm
Guest: Becky Taylor, COO SensorRX



11:00 am Pac: Sales Enablement Radio with host, Brian Williams

Guest: Nancy Nardin @sellingtools
Topic: How Technology is Impacting Sales Enablement


11:30 am Pac: Sales Pipeline Radio with Host, Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Laura H Vogel @laurahvogel
Topic: The B2B Event Marketing Gap That Will Make Or Break Your Success

Listen Live or catch some replays >

880x440-asher-kyla-edwards12:00 PAC /3:00 EST:  ASHER Sales Sense with host Kyla O'Connell @asherstrategies

Guest: John Edwards, Exec VP, Communica
Topic: Accelerate Sales by Automating Your Marketing


12:30 pm Pacific: Rooted in Revenue

Host: Susan Finch @susanfinchweb

Topic: B2C Marketing Tips for your local market - Maps, Reviews, Top 10 Lists and Subscriber Journey

A Redemption Story: Weldon Long discusses Drugs, Prison, Homelessness, Poverty and then Redemption

Listen to Matt Heinz and Weldon Long

 Matt Heinz of Sales Pipeline Radio was enthralled to be able to talk to Weldon Long, author and CEO of Weldon

Long_Long is the author of three amazing books. Quite honestly,  Matt recommends them all. The first book The Upside of Fear, a little more depth of his story. The Power of Consistency is the second book, and his new book is Consistency Selling.

His is really an incredible story you don't want to miss this!  Thirteen year's in prison set the stage for Weldon Long to make a choice between his old life and the new life before him.  

If you'd like to check out some of the videos Weldon mentions, text 'videos' to 96000 or go to and learn more.

Upside-of-fearWeldon Long's Story

Weldon Long is a successful entrepreneur, sales expert and a New York Times best selling author. He’s one of the nation’s most powerful speakers and a driven motivator who teaches the Sales and Prosperity Mindset philosophies that catapulted him from desperation and poverty to a life of wealth and prosperity.

At the age of 39, Weldon was living in a homeless shelter after having served 13 years in prison. A 9th grade dropout and three-time convicted felon, he found himself broke and unable to gain employment.

About Weldon Long's Consultancy

Weldon Long is a successful entrepreneur, sales expert and a New York Times best selling author. He’s one of the nation’s most powerful speakers and a driven motivator who teaches the Sales and Prosperity Mindset philosophies that catapulted him from desperation and poverty to a life of wealth and prosperity.

At the age of 39, Weldon was living in a homeless shelter after having served 13 years in prison. A 9th grade dropout and three-time convicted felon, he found himself broke and unable to gain employment.

After 6 months of knocking on many doors, he landed a sales position and quickly became one of the industry’s top sales leaders. In 2004, he opened his own company; and in 2009, that company was selected by Inc. magazine as one of the nation’s fastest-growing privately held companies.

What Product Marketing Should do to Support Sales - Kristen Roberts

Product marketing sits at the intersection of product, marketing, and sales, making it a critical function in enhancing value creation for the customer and supporting sales enablement.

640x640-rr-20181004-morgan-roberts2This month, Kristin Roberts, Vice President, Product Marketing at Phreesia, joins the Revenue Rebels podcast to share strategies on how product marketing can and should deliver value internally and externally. Tune in to find out:

  • How product marketing supports sales enablement

  • Product marketing’s role in revenue generation

  • What technologies support product marketing and sales team collaboration

About our guest:
Kristin Roberts is responsible for the positioning and go-to-market strategy for Phreesia’s products and applications. Before joining Phreesia, Kristin was a management consultant at Booz & Company, where she led product launch and growth strategy engagements for its life sciences clients. She also worked as a consultant at ZS Associates, specializing in quantitative physician market research and sales deployment optimization. Kristin earned an MBA from Columbia Business School and holds a BA in Public Health Studies from Johns Hopkins University.