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Why New Inside Sales Reps (and even seasoned ones) Fail

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There is no secret sauce to being successful in sales. It all starts with building a consistent, repeatable, scalable daily activity framework that ensures you do what needs to be done.

Darryl Praill's  guest in this episode is James Bawden. James is a sales professional and frontline salesforce advocate with a decade of experience across industries, spanning from wireless retail sales to complex B2B sales. His unique mixture of full cycle sales, sales development, enablement and leadership experience has resulted in his real world, practical views on what works for sales teams. He is fiercely passionate about all things sales, especially providing a voice for salespeople who are just beginning their careers.

From a practical standpoint Bawden discusses the three things he had to learn to be a success in his daily activity.  He talks about early failure, management that had to learn with him and the eventual end result.


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