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Led Zeppelin’s B2B lessons with Chandar Pattabhiram: Your Marketing Stairway to Heaven


On this episode Chandar Pattabhiram, CMO at Coupa Software joins us as we talk about bringing start-up agility to enterprise marketing.

But first, we talk about what Led Zeppelin has taught him about marketing!  So good.  

  • What is the stairway to heaven when it Are somes to customers?
  • A stairway must define the all the stages of customer experience.
  • Be less focused on adoption, cross sell and advocacy marketing
  • Chandra shares the only two metrics that matter
  • Matt asks: Are stairways bi-directional 
  • How to balance acquisition marketing, retention markting and full life time value  in addition to acquisition
  • Is it true that more than 85% of the marketing spend is in acquisition? 
  • How much to spend in adoption marketing?
  • What is the right kind of cross sell? 
  • Why you must spend money equally across all channels of marketing 
  • Is it true marketing is spending more money on science? 
  • How does marketing get a seat at the table?

We also talk about customer lifetime value and a holistic way of thinking about the customer. Listen in to hear his thoughts about the increasing focus in marketing on science and the increased focus on metrics and things you can measure.  We dive into the science of storytelling and MORE!  

Check out the full transcript on our blog  7/30/18.  

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