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Funnel Radio Line-up July 12


New hosts, fantastic guests lead the way today. 10:30 host Darryl Praill of VanillaSoft hosts Lori Richardson to discuss how to succeed as a new SDR. 11 am CRM Radio's new host, Paul Petersen of GoldMine welcomes Jack Kosakowski, the CEO (US Division) of Creative Agency. We will be covering topics around sales, social selling and Small Business Trends. 11:30 Matt Heinz and his guest, Amy Holtzman of Splash have a lively discussion about GDPR WTF and What Now? on Sales Pipeline Radio. Our day wraps up with WVU Marcom Today's Cyndi Greenglass with Susan Jones discussing Topics and Trends in Direct and Digital Marketing. Join us live starting at 10:30 am Pacific.


10:30 am INSIDE Inside Sales with host Darryl Praill, VanillaSoft - part of SLMA Radio

Guest: Lori Richardson, Founder, Score More Sales

Topic: How to succeed as a new SDR

Sales is a profession with a steep learning curve, and a short timeline to produce results. If you’re a new sales development rep (SDR), what can you do to succeed, and what mistakes should you avoid? Host, Darryl Praill interviews Lori Richardson on this topic. 


11:00 CRM Radio by GoldMine with host Paul Petersen @goldminecrm

Guest: Jack Kosakowski, CEO, Creative Agency

Topic: Small Business Trends in Social Selling

We will be talking with Jack Kosakowski, the CEO (US Division) of Creative Agency. We will be covering topics around sales, social selling and Small Business Trends. In particular we will cover how sales people use social media, how to increase conversions, the roll content plays in sales and how its created, along with how SMB owners use and collect data for the sales process.



11:30 am Sales Pipeline Radio with Host, Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Splash VP of Marketing Amy Holtzman

Topic: GDPR WTF – And What Now?!

Listen Live on Thursday >



12:30 WVU Marketing Communications Today with host, Cyndi Greenglass @directchick @wvutoday

Guest: Susan Jones, Professor of Marketing at Ferris State University

Topic: Topics and Trends in Direct and Digital Marketing

Today we will discuss the continued move toward the integration of direct and digital marketing and the balance of online and offline media focused on the consumer.  We'll talk about trends in database marketing, and how a creative person can uniquely contribute to the use of insights from the database I also want to touch on the current climate regarding consumer privacy concerns. Host is Cyndi Greenglass.


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