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Sales is a profession with a steep learning curve, and a short timeline to produce results. If you’re a new sales development rep (SDR), what can you do to succeed, and what mistakes should you avoid? Host, Darryl Praill interviews Lori Richardson on this topic. 
Lori covers:
  • The biggest mistake new reps make!
  • Who do you go to in the company to learn from?
  • There is one personality that stands out you can learn from!
  • Who should you look to outside the company?
  • What activities are the most important?
  • There is one thing a new rep needs more than anything else to be a success - hint it has to do with the customer!
 Why its Important 
A Sales Reps Position is to increase revenues so at the end of the day you can look in the mirror think to yourself,  "What did I do today that's going  to lead us to more revenues in the near term." 
Lori Richardson interviewed on Inside Inside Sales
20180712-tweet-iis-praill-richardsonAbout our guest, Lori Richardson
Lori Richardson is the founder of sales consultancy Score More Sales, where she helps company leaders fix sales team issues to grow more revenues. She is the voice for "more women in sales” and is the President of Women Sales Pros, chartered to get more women into B2B sales and sales leadership roles in companies with male majority sales teams. In Lori's technology and financial services sales career she worked for 23 different sales managers and she has helped onboard over 1,000 SDRs, BDRs, and AEs in a 3 year period. Her new book, "She Sells, She Leads" will be available in September.
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