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WP: 2018 Leadership Perspectives about Data and Technology from DemandLab and Ascend2

DemandLab-Data-Technology-Leaders-Report-thumbnailTitle:   2018 Leveraging Leadership Perspectives

Subtitle:  Leveraging Data and Technology to Drive Marketing Success

Published by/Authors: DemandLab and Ascend2                 

Gated: Yes

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Length:  16 Pages

Highlights: A research survey of 96 marketing decision makers to answer the question: “Are today’s marketing Leaders prepared to tackle the challenge of marketing data and technology.”

  • 100% were Managers/Directors/VP level
  • They said that data analytics are the basis for decision making (top priority) by 53%
  • 76% consider marketing data and technology strategies to be somewhat or very successful
  • Their biggest challenge: integrating data across technologies (50%)
  • The mood is cautious when it comes to Predictive Marketing and AI with only 25% focused on the next wave innovations.

Subjects covered in the report:

  • Playing it safe: Marketing Leaders priorities reflect a conservative risk profile with priorities spread over seven categories.  SLMA note:  It is good to see what others are focusing on.
  • There is a talent gap for people to implement technology.
  • Martech Matters: There appears to be a complacency risk which is surprising.
  • Integration is a pain point. Seven barriers are listed.
  • Half the leaders are slow to act, lots of talk, not as much action.
  • They discuss the three lowest entry barriers to success.
  • What’s this? Only 22% describe their data as extremely good?
  • Missed Opportunities: Marketers depend on internal data but miss the boat for big gains by going to outside data.
  • How much is data effectiveness increasing? It seems that 62% say data effectiveness is only marginally increasing.  SLMA note: Tthis seems to be the most honest response to the survey.
  • No surprise here: Marketers over-estimate the life span of a database.  SLMA Note: Hello, they are marketers, they should know that decay is huge!
  • The results about Internal vs. External data sources is predictable in use and trust: External sources are low on the trust level.

 SLMA Comments:   

We agree with the authors that this is a new era for data-driven customer centric marketers.    The authors say a second wave of innovation is coming.  We believe a technology tsunami is coming and most marketers are not prepared.  It isn’t their fault becasue the number of new vendors and technology advances are coming fast and furious.

Why it’s Important

“Marketers who pause in a conservative manner to implement new technology using new data sources will be run over by those that embrace it.”

Recommended for: 

  • President
  • C-Level Folks
  • CFO
  • CSO
  • CMO
  • Marketing Operations
  • Content Management and Creation
  • Product Management

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About DemandLab

DemandLab has been championing the cause of integrated, end-to-end, automated marketing and sales since 2009. Back then, we did not have a name for it, but we knew there were valuable problems to be solved, now we call it MarTech. We have helped marketers in every type of industry exceed their own expectations, boost the bottom line, and reaffirm their value to the whole organization.

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 About Ascend2

Ascend2 is a team of research and marketing professionals providing Research-Based Marketing exclusively for marketing technology companies and digital marketing agencies. Our process allows us to conduct primary research, create content and generate demand that addresses the specific business development needs of marketing solution firms in as little as two weeks at a guaranteed cost per lead. If marketing professionals are your ideal prospects, we help you find more of them.


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