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Sales Growth the SaaS Way with Samuel Sunderaraj and Matt Heinz on Sales Pipeline Radio

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Matt Heinz interviews Samuel Sunderaraj, VP of Sales at Skilljar on the keys to making SAS sales work today.  

He shares the people side of growing a sales organization. It's one thing to put numbers in a spreadsheet and say, "Well, if we call this many people, convert this many deals, we'll hit our number," but you still have people that you're managing as part of that.

  • What's the state of SAS sales?
  • What about managing expectations?
  • What about the boards objectives?
  • What about the investor objectives?
  • How do you manage leading the sales organization, having to motivate the team, but also sort of set expectations from above?
  • Learn about the importance and the keys to building a sales organization, a high performing sales organization that  prioritizes the people in it. 

All this and a lot more!

MORE ABOUT OUR Sales Pipeline Radio's Guest

Samuel Sunderaraj has the following experience in sales management:

Driving and initiating contact with senior decision-makers at Small To Enterprise Accounts (C-level)
Scaling revenue from $0m to $30Million+ in ARR
Revenue retention ($30M+)
Building sales teams from 1 to 30+
Experience in building a successful sales organization from scratch, including recruiting, hiring, and developing compensation plans.
Leading sales teams that are metrics driven & efficient
Start-up advisor 

- Building high performance sales teams that are metrics focused and scaling for growth 
- Focus on customer & company success ("customers pay the bills") 
- Sales metrics execution - managing cost of opportunity acquisition while driving top line revenue
- Territory and Market Optimization – executing to high conversions on the active funnel.
- Creating Value = sales multiple
- BOD Metrics & Analysis
- Funding (Seed, Series A-C,)

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Check out the full transcription on our blog starting Mon. 6/4.  

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