Augie MacCurrach says the Customer Experience is Broken
Funnel Radio Line-up June 21

How a New P&L View can Change Revenue Growth - MacCurrach

This is episode two from the last program on CRM Radio entitled: How to Fix the Broken Customer Experience

 In this episode Augie MacCurrach, CEO of Customer Portfolios discusses how and why a company should look at their P&L differently, through a different lens. He talks about:

  • Why a new view of the P&L and the marketing programs that are a result, makes the user tremendously more competitive
  • The power of a single view of the customer
  • How adding a new view of the P&L is easy and profitable
  • The consequences of doing what you did last year

600x600-CRMRadio-20180531-maccurrachWhy it's Important

"We are missing the customer point of view.  The traditional P&L doesn't have any metrics around customer metrics (customer classes)."

Augie MacCurrach

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About Our Guest Augie MacCurrach

For over 15 years, Customer Porfolios has partnered with multichannel retailers to grow their customer equity and business with our products and services. Augie MacCurrach CEO and founder of Boston-based Customer Portfolios, provides its clients with actionable customer insight, strategy, analytics to move the needle on customer value and revenue. 



How to Fix the Broken Customer Experience.

Customer Portfolios featured on worldwide business with kathy ireland  

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