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Funnel Radio Line-up June 7


June 7, 10:30am Pacific - Dan McDade, CEO of PointClear kicks off the morning as the guest host on SLMA Radio. His guest, Karen Hayward asks, "CEO's - will you win or lose the revenue acceleration war?" Susan Finch has some quick tips for networking success at events, including tradeshows, workshops and seminars so you don't waste time or money collecting business cards. Bonus segment about simple ways to build and keep your advocate network. Matt Heinz' guest Patrick Morrissey, CMO Altify discusses: How to Build High-Performance Marketing Teams. WVU Marcom Today host, Matthew Cummings and hist guest Tzeitel Haviland, SVP at VaynerMedia cover the points of this topic: The Value of a Programmatic Media Approach.


10:30 am SLMA Radio with guest host, Dan McDade, SLMA Director and CEO of PointClear

Guest: Karen Hayward, Managing Partner, Chief Outsiders

Topic:  CEOs, will you win or lose the revenue acceleration war?

SLMA guest host and board member Dan McDade (CEO of PointClear) interviews Karen Hayward a managing partner of Chief Outsiders on the subject of what separates winners and losers in the revenue wars. The interview covers three tactical areas that winners use, and loses fail to implement. Very interesting.


11:00 Rooted in Revenue with host, Susan Finch @susanfinchweb

Topic: 6 Event Tips if you are attending - Stop wasting your time collecting cards.


11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Patrick Morrissey, CMO Altify

Topic: How to Build High-Performance Marketing Teams

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12:30 WVU Marketing Communications Today with hots, Matthew Cummings

Guest: Tzeitel Haviland, SVP at VaynerMedia

Topic: The Value of a Programmatic Media Approach

Programmatic media leverages data and technology to allow advertisers to identify the exact person they are interested in reaching and serves that user a specific ad as they visit various websites. Tzeital Haviland dives deeper into the workings of programmatic media, walking us through its evolution and what marketers should consider when developing a programmatic media strategy. Hosted by Matthew Cummings.

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