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Funnel Radio Line-Up June 28


Highly respected experts are on every show today starting at 10:30 with Pamela Muldoon - Revenue Marketing Coach at The Pedowitz Group. She's discussing how to measure content ROI with Jim. Next is a replay with our new CRM Radio host, Paul Peterson - GM/VP of GoldMine. He and Jim go over why an unqualified, naked sales lead is obscene. But how do they REALLY feel? Finally today, Matt Heinz and his guest: Kevin Elenberry, CPO, The Kevin Elkenberry Group give you pointers on How to Manage Remotely - Best Practices for Leading from a Distance.


10:30 am SLMA Radio with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Pamela Muldoon, Revenue Marketing Coach, The Pedowitz Group
Topic: How to measure content ROI


To hear some marketers complain, the ever ravenous bottomless pit of content consuming ne’er-do-well perspective buyers drain marketing’s budget with nary-a-proof of purchase. But is the professed ignorance a ploy by marketers that simply don’t want to prove that the content they create is worth the expense? In this interview with Pamela Muldoon, Revenue Marketing Coach with the Pedowitz Group, we find out that content does have a measurable ROI. Really, it does. Really. This is Part Two of the program: Connecting Content Creation to the Bottom Line from May 11, 2018

The host is Jim Obermayer.


11:00 am CRM Radio with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Paul Petersen, GM/VP GoldMine @goldminecrm

Topic:Why an Unqualified, Naked Sales Lead is Obscene


Salespeople will tell you that the most obscene thing they receive from marketing is a naked, unqualified sales lead. This is a stripped down sales lead that has nothing on it except what is mandatory and that usually doesn’t include budget, authority, need and time frame for purchase.


11:30 am Sales Pipeline Radio with host Matt Heinz

Guest: Kevin Elenberry, CPO, The Kevin Elkenberry Group

Topic: How to Manage Remotely - Best Practices for Leading from a Distance

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