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How a New P&L View can Change Revenue Growth - MacCurrach

Augie MacCurrach says the Customer Experience is Broken

It's all about the Power of Lifecycle Marketing



With all of the technology, some say in spite of the technology, many believe  the customer experience is broken.  Is it due to too much technology and no leadership? In this interview Augie MacCurrach gives us hope that lifecycle marketing can solve the issue and bring a predictable bottom line ROI if the CMO is smart enough, clever enough and has the CEO’s backing. This is episode one. 

About Augie MacCurrach

Augie MacCurrach is CEO and founder of Boston-based Customer Portfolios. Under his leadership since 2001, Customer Portfolios provides its clients with actionable customer insight, strategy, analytics, and omnichannel marketing to move the needle on customer value and incremental revenue.

Prior to founding Customer Portfolios, Augie was involved in first wave CRM strategy solutions and technology implementations for Fortune 500 and Dotcom venture backed companies while working with a CRM Consultancy DiaLogos from 1995 to 2001.   
MacCurrach holds a BA in math and economics from Hobart College.

About Customer Portfolios

At Customer Portfolios (CP), it is our mission to increase the value of your customer asset in measurable ways. With our advisory services, we guide our clients through the process of putting customers at the center of their business. By using advanced analytics, we identify actionable insights about specific behaviors and revenue opportunities across the buying lifecycle. Leveraging these insights, we execute targeted and measurable Lifecycle Marketing campaigns using our proprietary database and marketing technology. The result is an increase in lifetime value across your portfolio of customers.

For over 15 years, CP has partnered with multichannel retailers to grow their customer equity and business with our products and services. Visit www.customerportfolios.com, read our blog and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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