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Large Fines Drive GDPR Compliance say Campbell and da Costa

Why it's Important:

Companies face large fines for not complying with the standards set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Naomi Campbell, B2B Lead Agency

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In this interview, Debra da Costa of Direct Marketing Partners in the U.S. interviews Naomi Campbell, of the B2B Lead Agency in the UK about the GDPR ramifications (including large monetary fines for non-compliance) for any company that wants to do business in the EU.   The host is Debra da Costa.

In April 2016, the European Parliament adopted a (law) standard for data protection of people in the European Union (EU). The GDPR applies to companies worldwide that promote their products (and services) to European citizens.


Companies face large fines for not complying with the standards set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which:

  • Provides greater predictability and efficiency for organizations that do business in the EU
  • Offers residents increased data protection rights.


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Don't Break the GDPR Rules: Infographic from Naomi Campbell

20180426-tweet-campbell-da-costa2About the Guest Naomi Campbell Founder of B2B Lead Agency

“When companies experience a false-start or a slump in European sales, it’s not uncommon for Sales Departments to blame Marketing and for team structures to unravel as a result”.  
The B2B Lead Agency is a Pan-European  Business Development Agency, focused on finding new business opportunities to help sales departments overachieve in Europe.
We believe that there isn't a single approach to lead generation that is right for every organisation, which is why our 17 years of Pan-European experience equips us with an understanding of multiple markets and multiple approaches to customer acquisition and retention. Having already made a real difference to companies like:  Intel, Checkpoint, Cyren and Thermofisher,  we are confident when advising at board level and delivering to business critical objectives. 
B2B Lead Agency specialises in Voice Marketing (tele-prospecting), supported by online marketing tools. Our on-site team of multilingual sales specialists excel in four areas: appointment setting, lead generation, event registration and data profiling/cleansing.  Send me a quick message to see how we can help drive your business goals.

DebM4The Program Host:  Debra da Costa, Founder and CEO, Direct Marketing Partners 

Debra da Costa founded Direct Marketing Partners in 1991.  She structured DMP so that the company would be large enough to have the depth of expertise required by corporations with worldwide interests, but of a size that would permit close project participation by all the firm's senior staff, as well as flexibility, scalability and customization in a somewhat rigid contact center world.

For almost three decades, Debra has helped shift lead generation to a model built on quality and market-ready to sales-ready. She has done this by leading a team that combines the human voice within the multi-touch process. Early on, Debra developed nurturing campaigns and continues to tailor them to the ever-increasing output from marketing automation. She has also guided her company and the industry by pioneering a metrics-based marketing approach to demand generation, as well as savvy list building and Account Based Marketing.  

Prior to entering the direct marketing world, Debra held several design and technical positions in both Canada and the U.S. 


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